AIDtoNAV - Clear Direction for Small & Micro Business with Robert Earl

AIDtoNAV - Clear Direction for Small & Micro Business with Robert Earl

The Importance of Small Business Team Building with Jamie Van Cuyk

July 06, 2020

Jamie Van Cuyk is the owner and lead strategist of Growing Your Team. She is a speaker, podcast host, and an expert in hiring and small business team building and people management with small businesses. She inspires people through her work and her podcast which is a must-listen for micro-businesses.

In this episode, Jamie shares how she discovered her love for small business team building and helping small business owners with hiring and managing teams. She explains the processes she takes her client through in making sure they do need to hire and hire the absolute right candidate for their organization.

Listen in to learn the importance of looking at your employees as a return on investment rather than a liability.

“I have goals, I have things I want to achieve and being a small business and where I want to go whether it’s one year, five years from now, I want my business to be much bigger than it is now.”Jamie Van Cuyk

What You Will Learn:

* Jamie explains how she learned to become a business owner by doing what she loved doing. That is when she found her love for building teams and helping small business owners become good managers. [1:04]* How business owners commit their biggest mistakes when hiring by copying others and their lack of knowledge on who to hire. [3:35]* Are there lessons to be borrowed from winemaking to apply in hiring? Jamie explains what the two processes have in common. [5:00]* How not to look at hiring as expenses but as a return on investment. The common fears she helps her clients work through when hiring. [7:22]* Jamie gives tips on how business owners can ensure that they’re inclusive of diversity. Learning to give a level playing field to all candidates without biases based on ethnicity, race, gender, or and religion. [11:35]* What is the process she takes her clients to recognize if they need to hire or not? She also tells her clients what they need to look for in a candidate. Three things that must qualify a candidate! [18:44]* The onboarding process. How she helps the team member be part of the organization with timed progression. [23:52]* The growth she’s seeing for her business in the next 12 months. The importance of looking at the achievements and not just the finish line. [25:46]

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