AES Drilling Fluids: The Flowline Podcast

AES Drilling Fluids: The Flowline Podcast

Latest Episodes

Episode 159 | Mixing Brines
May 18, 2022

Different brines have different properties based on a number of factors. In some cases, blending them provides a cost-effective solution – but only if they are compatible. Matt and Justin […]

Episode 158 | Interview with David Rathgeber, PhD Montana Tech
May 11, 2022

In this episode, Justin sits down with David Rathgeber, a Ph.D. candidate at Montana Tech and SPE Student Chapter President at this year’s AADE Fluids Conference.  David shares his journey […]

Episode 157 | Retort Oil vs OWR
May 04, 2022

Should we be talking more about just percent oil as opposed to trying to go by retort oil? In this episode, Matt answers Justin’s questions regarding retort oil vs OWR.

Episode 156 | Daily Mud Report
April 27, 2022

What comments belong in the daily mud report? After all, it’s the only area where you can explain how mud properties, costs, and consumption relate to ongoing activity. You better […]

Episode 155 | Technical Conferences
April 20, 2022

What’s the makeup of a typical technical conference? Matt and Justin discuss what a conference is like and the different ways you can learn and grow professionally when you attend.