Advanced Maneuvers: Turn Extension

Advanced Maneuvers: Turn Extension

Latest Episodes

#76 "We're Baaaaaaack"
October 29, 2018

#75 "NoVA Open Recap!!!"
September 04, 2018

#74 "Tony and Devon talk about WTC and NoVA Open!
August 28, 2018

This week Devon and Tony talk about WTC and NoVa Open!

#72 "Justin and Gaston talk Menoth!"
August 06, 2018

This week Justin and Gaston talk about the updates to Menoth and some fun lists!

#70 "The Gang Talks about the Ret CID!"
July 15, 2018

Tony (PolarBearCub) and Gaston talk about the Ret CID and what makes Gaston Excited/Nervous

Episode #68 "Devons Adventures at Lock and Load 2018"
July 02, 2018

This week Tony and Devon sit down and talk about Lock and Load!

Episode #67 "Tony Babbles on about Crucible Guard"
June 26, 2018

This week Tony does a solo cast about the new faction to hit the shelves CRUCIBLE GUARD!