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Echoes and Stars
October 31, 2023

A sense of space and theatre run through Novembers show with three evocative tracks - Angel by EDDY, Human Beings by Mica & The Midnight Blue and Star People by Daniel Cohen, together spanning Surrey, Bristol and Ireland. Cam uses the opportunity to

October: Less Worry, More Talk
August 31, 2023

We celebrate Spencer Flays recent electroswing collab No Worries featuring Cut Throat Francis, flanked by modern rock sound Out Of My Cage by The Valla and Rebecca Tommasis For Rebecca in appreciation of World Mental Health Day. In amongst all the music

August 31, 2023

In amongst celebrating the sweet release of Spencer Flays Out Out, we celebrate International Podcast Day by gathering news and music from some of our extended podcast network. Rya returns to the show with SHOW OFF. and Wise John shares his new single Te

August: It's All Coming Out Now
August 01, 2023

Two releases from our artists grace the show -pretendby leo. ahead of his coming album, Cut Throat FrancisOne Legged Dogfrom their EP and all of it headed up by Brain Apes hypnotic political rock song,mcmx. drawing room. Into the gaps are stuffed n

I Want Your Decade Back
June 30, 2023

Marking an incredible ten years of growth, we get to bring you a new single from our longest standing artist, Cut Throat Francis. Flanking I Want Your Money Back is the enthusiastic Westwood Sands by Roguey Roads and the slick and confident Lips Go Dry b

green Shoots
May 31, 2023

Release season hits the ground in majestic form with leo.s new singlegreen, flanked by Yorks dance remix of LadybyrdsEvery Secondand the mellow electronic textures of ToniasAfloat. Cam goes into happenings within the industry, including recent cop

Spring Is For Renewals... And Eurovision
May 01, 2023

A number of rebirths greet us with WeatherdMans Simon Bradshaw teaming up with new talent Lia Wickham to give us Faint Line and their new singleRed Tide. We also showcase an old friend in the guise of Tourist Attraction - I have an involved conversation

Roots Out Of Jazz
March 31, 2023

Exploring the beginnings of jazz and blues for international jazz day, and connecting it to the music we love today. Proven with our excellent exhibits: the anthemic pop track Happy To Lose My Mind from Kieo, the fuelled-up rock track Insane by Bear Witne

The 49.6%, International Women's Day
February 28, 2023

A trio of female talent is fitting for the month of International Womens Day. C Scarlett, Demi Jordanae and C Scarlett span the genres of dance, R&B and opera, not to mention two continents, with three new singles: Higher Self, Smell Like You and Ros

London Medley
January 31, 2023

A span of the latest sounds from London, as Hani Abbasi serves us funk pop rhythms with When In London, Rya brings in the soul, rhythm and blues with Calling For The Same Thing and Maddie Ashman sends us off with The Song I Always Forget About. The gaps w