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The Great Hiatus
February 27, 2018

Ok, not so great (either emotionally or in terms of size) but the Ada's Sisters are on hiatus while they try to find time to record more episodes!

Episode 75: Imposter Syndrome, Marvel women in suits, #MeToo, VC Clubs for women
December 13, 2017

Fascinating article this week in Fast Company identifying women as the canary in the data mine. And we’ll talk about the seven ways to fight imposter syndrome. If you don’t know what that is, we’ll elucidate you. And we’ll tell you about a new...

Episode 74: Google’s Sentiment Analyzer, Gen-x and Amazon's Future Engineers
November 08, 2017

We should talk about Google’s SENTIMENT analyzer because it thinks being Gay is bad. That’s ok, so’s being over 40 according to a story in What about the mom after our own hearts who fought the biggest social media companies in the...

Episode 73: Salary woes and updates, Best Canadian cities to live in and Sidewalk Toronto
October 21, 2017

Fast Co. says women are making less than men in the creative industries by a whopping 32 per cent! And in The Star’s look at the best Canadian cities to live in if you’re a woman, Toronto came in… TENTH. This is despite the  innovative...

Episode 72: Google Pixel 2, role models, Time Magazine
October 11, 2017

We think Laurie Schultz wrote an important piece for the Huffington Post on being a role model to your daughters. She’s the CEP of ACL and chair of the board for the BC Tech Association. And TIME put out a whole magazine dedicated to women who are...

Episode 71: Amazon HQ2, Catalyst, Google Drive, Verrit and BeccaToldMe
September 27, 2017

Some big changes coming in Google Drive and the newest Apple OS update and Amazon is looking for a new HQ, could a Canadian city provide that spot? Maybe if they haven't heard about the terrible hiring choices Catalyst Canada is making. At least...

Episode 70: Facebook and the election, fake partners, Flipd app and Google Maps
September 13, 2017

Facebook just released some information about inauthentic accounts and their influence on the 2016 US election that we should talk about because things couldn’t possibly get weirder on THAT front. Speaking of weird things - there’s an app to get...

Episode 69: Amazon Tenmarks, lonely nerds, eclipses, and when women stopped coding
August 30, 2017

This is our last podcast before school starts, and we want to talk about Amazon’s new TenMarks writing coach. And we like the idea of shutting down hate accounts all over the place that’s spreading like wildfire in the wake of Charlottesville. We...

Episode 68: Anon-IB, Google madness, twitter smackdown, and #MakeMineMilkshake
August 16, 2017

We could spend the entire episode talking about that Google document because it's repercussions just keep spilling out. But we also have to talk about the Marvel editor who was getting trolled for basically being a female writer for Marvel....

Episode 67: Vimeo promotes Anjali Sud, a whole new Doctor, Airbnb karma and the Roomba
August 02, 2017

You might remember an AirBnB story we talked about a few months ago where a host cancelled a reservation when he found out his guests were Asian. Happy to tell you about the happy ending to that story - because karma is ALSO Asian. We also want to...