Yoga with Adam

Yoga with Adam

Latest Episodes

Ep. 122 – Fluid Flow
August 08, 2019

60-minute live class focused on rhythm and fluidity of breath and movement

Ep. 121 – Breathe and Move
July 29, 2019

20-minute gentle full-body breath and movement practice

Ep. 120 – Diagonal Flow
July 05, 2019

Learn how to trace diagonal lines of energy through your body in twisting postures

Ep. 119 – Strengthen & Relax Your Core
June 11, 2019

60-minute all levels live class focused on core, squat, and arm balance

Ep. 118 – Brick and Balance Mini-Flow
May 29, 2019

20-minute intermediate mini flow focused on learning to improve your balance and hip stability.

Ep. 117 – Warrior Balance Flow
May 09, 2019

60-minute live class focused on standing balances and hip strength

Ep. 116 – All Purpose Hopping
April 24, 2019

10 minute learning drills for handstand kick-ups and hopping forward from down dog

Ep. 115 – Hops and Binding Flow
April 13, 2019

60-minute live flow class focused on weight bearing hops and binds

Ep. 114 – Arm Balances Three Ways
March 25, 2019

20-minute intermediate arm balance practice.

Ep. 113 – Twist and Arm Balance Flow
March 15, 2019

60-minute intermediate flow including deep twists and arm balances