Latest Episodes

Episode 24 - Home Price Headlines Maybe Not As Scary As They Seem
December 29, 2021

Many housing story lines tied to US home prices are making comparisons to the Great Financial Crisis.  Median home prices are ~50% greater than the peak pre-crisis!  Median home sales price growth is faster than the years leading up to 2008!  While these

Episode 23 - A conversation about the value of creating niche mortgage products
December 01, 2021

Niche products can be a great way to reach more members, create differentiators all why using your portfolio capacity wisely.  We’ll talk about the how’s and why’s to getting started.Guest:  Chris Perry, Vice President and National Credit  Union Manager,

Episode 22 - Disruptions Opportunities in the Mortgage Space
November 30, 2021

COVID has caused major disruptions in the world. Everyone has needed to keep an open mind and creatively pivot to move forward. In this episode, CU Members’ SVP Steve Hewins discusses possible disruption opportunities that he has found across the mortgage

Episode 21 - Using Brand Power to Get Results
November 30, 2021

Why is branding so important and what can you do to promote your credit union’s brand? With the average member/consumer attention span at about 8 seconds, branding is more important than ever. Learn background on the “why” and pick up tips on the “what” t

Episode 20 - Leveraging a Centralized Pricing Engine-How it can help Credit Unions attract and retain borrowers
November 10, 2021

This episode explores how a product and pricing engine can improve member retention and enhance a credit union’s profitability.  GuestsMike Vough,  Director Black KnightJohn Dumonsau, Sales Solutions Specialist –Product and Pricing Engine, Black Knight. 

Episode 19 - How the Right Technology is Helping Turn CU Members into CU Mortgage Customers
August 28, 2021

Credit Union members are loyal – and CUs work very hard to keep those relationships strong and personal. But with so many options in today’s competitive home financing market, the uncomfortable truth is that most members go elsewhere for their mortgages.

Episode 17 – How BCU Has Paid Millions Back to Members and Grown Their Mortgage Business Despite COVID
April 04, 2021

Podcast Description: BCU has given back more than $5 million to its home-buying and selling members through the HomeAdvantage® program. They also just became the first CU to give back more than $1 million in a single year. Hear how BCU has continued to th

Episode 18 – Mortgage Assistance: Caring for your Members during the Pandemic
April 04, 2021

Description: More than 4 million U.S. homeowners needed mortgage assistance during this last year. Many are recovering but not everyone will. Join Lori Pinto, Executive Director of CU Servnet, as we explore how you can help your members and why it is crit

Episode 16 – Delivering A Better Experience for Both Your Members and Your Employees During a Time of Social Distancing
January 20, 2021

Learn how artificial intelligence, APIs and digital solutions can keep credit unions competitive while delivering a outstanding member experience.

Episode 15 – Today’s Marketplace and the Necessary Evolution of Origination Platforms
December 15, 2020

Lenders need to prepare themselves for mortgage lending in a fully digital world to remain relevant.