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Active Lifestyle Travel Podcast Season 1, Ep Intro 000

March 01, 2018

Season 1
Ep Introduction 000
Welcome to the Active Lifestyle Travel Podcast! This introduction episode is the first in Season 1.

We are Scott and Jaynie Wall, writers of the Backpacking Detours Travel Blog.

We love to travel, love to talk about travel and write about travel. So, the most natural step for us was to break into podcasting!

Our goal for the podcast is to inspire our listeners to step out of their comfort zone through travel. It is our strong belief in pushing our physical and mental boundaries which results in personal growth and many interesting memories.

We have traveled to over 20 countries, from Thailand to Spain, Turkey to Nicaragua.

Our life is primarily in the mountains of Northern California. It's the perfect setting for hiking, biking, and other outdoor sports. This is our training ground for each new adventure in travel.
This Season
On the Active Lifestyle Travel Podcast Season 1, we will share tips and lessons we have learned through travel. We hope to inspire you with tales of hiking in Ireland and Biking in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Or, maybe you are interested in a Gourmet Food Tour in Lima, Peru?

On a more serious note, we will discuss illness and injury while traveling. As well as what's involved in planning to walk the Camino de Santiago, 500 miles across Spain.
If you have any travel related questions, please shoot us an email. We plan to address listener questions on a future episode. Be sure to include your name and website if applicable.

Thank you for listening, and thank you for taking the time to visit our blog. You can also follow along on these social media channels via Backpacking Detours.

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