Action 30

Action 30

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21: Live Longer – Get the Runs!
October 18, 2020

Is running for you? How do you know if you're progressing at the right rate? How does running compare to walking for fitness-related goals?

20: Keep Going Through Menopause
October 10, 2020

Dealing with menopause safely and effectively can be difficult for women and their partners. This episode helps cultivate a healthy mindset on how to approach this inevitable event.

19: Down but Not Pout
September 30, 2020

When faced with the prospect of death, how might you respond?

18: Don’t let arthritis wear you down
September 18, 2020

Colin's on his own discussing the most effective treatments for osteoarthritis.

17: Money, Passion and Health
August 31, 2020

This episode is based on an email from Becky, a listener from Mesa, AZ who asks, "How can I focus on an action plan when I'm worried about paying rent?"

15: Heavy Mental, Part 2 (Public Health vs. Politics Edition)
July 31, 2020

This is Colin's most controversial episode yet, although it shouldn't be. How did public health become political?

14: Heavy Mental, Part 1
July 10, 2020

This episode talks about causes and treatments for anxiety and depression and how to use exercise/lifestyle therapy as a treatment tool.

13: Concussions: Prevention & Treatment
June 19, 2020

This episode talks about concussions and how to treat and prevent them using science along with exercise/lifestyle therapy. Think it's a good idea for your child to play full-contact football? Listen to this episode first.