Sermons – Adirondack Christian Fellowship

Sermons – Adirondack Christian Fellowship

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Love, Light, and Lies
October 13, 2019

This letter to the church is all about our relationship with God and each other. This relationship is based on Love and Light, and that relationship is only disrupted by lies! John identifies how all three are at work in our lives.

Chris Woodruff – Life Raft International
October 06, 2019

Chris Woodruff shares an update on the ministry he and Life Raft International are doing in Bangkok, Thailand. Life Raft International helps Christian refugees in Bangkok by providing food, shelter, education,

The Bible is One Story
September 29, 2019

Back from Malawi, Pastor Rick shares about his trip and from the book of Ruth.

Holy Spirit
September 22, 2019

The Holy Spirit empowers us to share the Gospel but there are times we can ignore His leading. How can we learn to cede our will to Him instead of imposing our own?

The Armor of God – Ephesians 6:10-18
September 15, 2019

In his letter to the Ephesian church, Paul talks about the armor of God and how it helps Christians in their daily lives. This week we hear how we can apply that illustration in our lives today.

The Tool of Freedom
September 01, 2019

Salvation in Christ gives you freedom from sin. What will you do with that freedom?

The Blind Beggar – Mark 10:46-52
August 25, 2019

Skip shares from the well-known passage about Blind Bartimaeus.

Our Daily Bread: Blessed, Broken and Given
August 18, 2019

The word “bread” appears over 300 times in the Bible. Throughout scripture, bread speaks of provision and abundance. Today, we look at four passages in Matthew that illustrate how our lives are like bread and reflect on how our lives are blessed,

Salvation Sure As Lightning
August 11, 2019

Salvation is an explosive one-time event but its effects last a lifetime.