A Mom's Mission Field

A Mom's Mission Field

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What's Holding You Back From Radical Obedience?: McCall Aldridge (Episode 53)
October 31, 2017

What is holding you back from that big "yes" that God has put in front of you? Fear? Confusion? Busyness? All of those are valid concerns, but you know what should never hold you back? Money. God has all the money in the universe, and if He calls you...

How to Come Alongside Hurting Friends and Neighbors in the Middle of our Busy Lives: Sarah Beckman (Episode 52)
October 24, 2017

Life is hard. We all know people who are going through difficult times but often we hesitate to help, even though we want to, because we aren't sure what to do. We have a confidence problem when it comes to reaching out to our neighbors. In this...

Raising Grateful Kids and Empowering Women Globally: Kristen Welch (Episode 51)
October 17, 2017

How do you raise grateful kids in our entitled society? How do we encourage gratefulness in ourselves? I love this conversation with Kristen Welch, author, mom, and founder of Mercy House Global. She took her family on a journey of providing...

Resting While God Works Out the Details: Heather Haupt (Episode 50)
October 10, 2017

Do you feel overwhelmed and confused trying to follow Jesus and serve others? Is that just me? What if God is telling us to slow down and rest while He does the heavy lifting, and when He's ready for us to step in He'll let us know? Heather shares...

Building Your Faith in the Quiet Moments: Hannah Badgett (Episode 49)
October 03, 2017

How do you make a God-honoring decision when faced with two options that look equally good? What should you do if you and your husband disagree on the right path? How does submission fit in to all of this? On this episode, my good friend Hannah talks...

Life is Unpredicatable, But We Serve A God Of All Seasons: Amy Breitmann and Tammy Hendricksmeyer (Episode 48)
September 26, 2017

Are you facing a Winter season in your soul? Maybe everything in your life is fresh and new like Springtime. On today's episode Amy and Tammy talk about times in their life--a cancer diagnosis while pregnant, a time of estrangement from loved...

When You Say "Yes" to Big Things and God Says "Not Now": Tiffany Castleberry (Episode 47)
September 19, 2017

This episode is a bit different because it's not any interview. It's just me, sharing my heart about what I've learned about God's timing and His tendency to answer my prayers at the most inconvenient time, long after I thought that opportunity had...

Stop Struggling and Start Fighting: Christine Chappell (Episode 46)
March 20, 2017

Are you struggling with the same issues over and over? Do you feel like Satan's lies are so loud you can't hear the voice of God? In this episode, I'm talking with Christine Chappell, author of Clean Home, Messy Heart.

Living an Upside-Down Life: Kayla Craig (Episode 45)
December 08, 2016

What does it mean to live an upside down Christian life? The crazy thing is, what we may think of as extraordinary, radical Christianity is what the Bible describes as pretty much baseline Jesus following.  How do we get back to the idea that...

Be a Missionary without Leaving your Neighborhood: Shontell Brewer (Episode 44)
October 25, 2016

If youve ever wondered how to be a missionary without leaving your neighborhood, todays episode is for you! Im talking to Shontell Brewer, who has a passion for encouraging families to be on missio