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The David L. Gray Podcast

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On the Calling of Motherhood with Muji A. Kaiser
June 30, 2021

Speaking with Muji A. Kaiser, Founder and CEO of The Okaja Foundation about Motherhood as a Calling. Muji A. Kaiser is a cradle Catholic, mother of four, and wife to one good husband. The post On the

Voicing Truth and Reason – Episode 21 (On the Gay Catholic Culture / Catholic Convert William Hemsworth)
June 29, 2021

A monologue at the end of so-called Gay Pride Month on the no longer sub-gay-culture in the Catholic Church, but one that has become defiant, proud, and in-your-face. A chat with William Hemsworth a C

Defending the Family with Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse
June 21, 2021

On Talking Catholic Tonight LIVE, Dr, Jennifer Roback Morse, Founder and President of the Ruth Institute will on talking about her work, paths to racial reconciliation, and the upcoming Fourth Annual

Voicing Truth and Reason – Episode 20 (Pointless Bishop Documents / LGBTism is Eugenics / Rizzy B – That Black Catholic Chic)
June 15, 2021

Monologue on why we don’t need the Bishops to form a committee and issue a document on so-called Eucharistic coherence and Joe Biden’s being restricted from Holy Communion. The LGBT lifestyle and agen

The Problem With the Critical Race Theory with David L. Gray
June 13, 2021

(FROM WILLIAM HEMSWORTH - the Bible Catholic) Author, Radio Host, and Theologian David L. Gray joins me today to discuss Critical Race Theory. We discuss how it originated, how it perpetuates a cultur

Is Tradition Under Attack? (Chat with Father Richard Heilman)
June 07, 2021

On Talking Catholic Tonight LIVE, Father Richard Heilman, Pastor of St. Mary of Pine Bluff in the Diocese of Madison and the US Grace Force Apostolate YouTube Channel will on talking about whether tra

Voicing Truth and Reason – Episode 19 (UFOs, UAPs & Alien Encounters / Gerry Precil, Re-Vert and Traditional Catholic)
June 01, 2021

Monologue on the recent phenomenon of mainstream media converting accounts of unidentified flying objects and aerial phenomenon from dismissively strange and irrational as they did for decades to now

Voicing Truth and Reason – Episode 18 (Attack on the Eucharist, Father James Altman Deserved Better, Kevin Pilon on Taxes)
May 25, 2021

The David L. Gray Show - 5/26/21 - 4pm CST 1. Bishops Attacking the Holy Eucharist? 2. Fr. James Altman Deserved Better 3. Finance Wednesdays - Kevin Pilon Financial Advisor on Taxes and How to Reduce

Voicing Truth and Reason – Episode 17 (Is Blasé Cupich America’s Pope and SCOTUS Review of Mississippi Abortion Ban)
May 18, 2021

Opening monologue on where Blasé Cardinal Cupich (Americas Pope?) ranks in the history of the most powerful and influential clerics in the History of the Catholic Church. It is Pro-life Wednesday – Ja

Father David Nix on the Vax Cult, Germany Apostacy & USCCB vs. Biden
May 11, 2021

On this installment of Talking Catholic with David L. Gray, Father David Nix, Priest and Diocesan Hermit (@Padre Peregrino) comes on to talk about current events in the Catholic Church and the World T