A Delectable Education Charlotte Mason Podcast

A Delectable Education Charlotte Mason Podcast

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Intro to Season 9: Announcements! New PEC! New Products!
August 04, 2023

A Delectable Education is back for its NINTH year. We have grown a lot over these past 8 years, and so has the Charlotte Mason Community. We are honored to be here sharing with you all still. In this

Episode 261: Season 8 Closing Ceremonies
May 19, 2023

The end of the school year and the end of this podcast season is cause to pause and reflect. The ADE ladies review the past year andencourage you to not just slam the books closed, but pause to remem

Episode 260: CM in Your World--CM in Other Countries
May 05, 2023

Charlotte Mason's educational method was worldwide in her day and, thanks to persons like Mariana Mastracchio, this is happening again in our day. This episode closes out the ADE series on Charlotte M

Episode 259: CM in Your Community: CM Gatherings and Conferences
April 21, 2023

Charlotte Mason held big gatherings to continue training educators in her method. Some of our formative learning about Charlotte Mason happened through conferences. This interview in the Charlotte Mas

Episode 258: Afternoons (Re-Release)
April 07, 2023

Charlotte Mason recommended "afternoon occupations" and instructions about them were included in her programmes. Are there particular occupations, specified times and occurrences, and how much does th

Episode 257: CM in Your Community: Learning in Community
March 17, 2023

What do it look like do use the Charlotte Mason Method with a group of students? Kelsi Rea joins the ADE ladies today to explain how she went about developing her Charlotte Mason school. Her enthusias

Episode 256: ADE Book Club--The Scent of Water
March 03, 2023

Charlotte Mason firmly believed that novels are our greatest teachers, hence why she included them as a major serving in the feast that nourishes our children's education. This episode was recorded li

Episode 255: CM in Your Community: Lessons
February 17, 2023

For this installment of our ongoing series, CM in Your Community, we are focusing on all the materials available for CM lessons! Mathematics was not a subject Charlotte Mason spoke about a lot, but it

Episode 254: Charlotte Mason and Special Needs with Beth Corcoran of Flamingo Feathers
February 03, 2023

Charlotte Mason's method is relevant for every kind of child, which this week's episode verifies. Over two years ago, the ADE ladies were interviewed by Beth Corcoran on her Flamingo Feathers podcast,

Episode 253: Narration Beyond Lessons
January 20, 2023

Narration, attention, habits: Charlotte Mason knew they were natural to a child and work together. The ADE ladies welcome Annette Dionisio to the podcast, a mom who has diligently employed the art of