A Cup of Joy

A Cup of Joy

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Ep. 33: Joy in Being a Mom
June 01, 2020

I have had the great pleasure of being a mom for 25 years now. I've experienced and learned a lot through those years and just wanted to share with you in this episode some of the lessons I've learned and why I love and find such great joy in and enjoy...

Ep. 32: Joy in Fear, Panic and Pandemics
April 07, 2020

In this real, raw life episode, I share some of my personal thoughts and feelings in how I've been experiencing and handling the current COVID-19 crisis and pandemic. Although there is a lot of fear and unknown out there in the world which often leads ...

Ep. 31: Joy in Autism Pt. 3
March 16, 2020

This episode concludes the discussion with the incredible Devin G. Squire about what life is like growing up on the spectrum and dealing with disabilities. His words of wisdom and insight aren't just for those dealing with disability but for all of us ...

Ep. 30: Joy in Autism Pt. 2
March 09, 2020

In this episode we continue our discussion with Devin G. Squire learning more what it's been like for him growing up on the spectrum and dealing with his disabilities. 

Ep. 29: Joy in Autism: Living on the Spectrum and Dealing with Disability
March 01, 2020

Today I'm honored to have another special guest with me, my son Devin, to share with us his experience, insights, struggles and joys living on the Autism Spectrum. Take a look into this real raw life discussion as we share some of the journey we've bee...

Ep. 28: Joy in Love
February 14, 2020

It's February and Love is in the air. It's everywhere! Learning from the writings of Thich Nhat Hanh in "How to Love" we gain a deeper understanding just what true love really is, where it's found and how it's nourished and expressed.

Ep. 27: Joy in Surgery and Recovery
January 24, 2020

Join with me in this truly real raw life episode where I share some things I learned to experience great gratitude and JOY in through a major surgery and extended recovery process. 

Ep. 26: Joy in Holidays
December 23, 2019

Whatever the holiday you celebrate, even with all the hustle and bustle of the season, take some time to find JOY there and to give of the best gifts to yourself and others. These best gifts are the gifts of time, presence, peace, forgiveness,

Ep. 25: Joy in Birthdays
November 26, 2019

Today we celebrate that I was born 50 years ago. What a wonderful experience and truly joyful journey it has been thus far and I look forward to celebrating and enjoying many more years. And let's enjoy celebrating your presence on this earth as well.

Ep. 24: Joy in Gratitude
November 20, 2019

Thanksgiving is a time when we all seem to express gratitude more openly and freely, but there is so much to be grateful for in all our living, not just at Thanksgiving and not just for the obvious things to be thankful for.