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Episode 46: When Your Philosophy Goes Against The Entire Industry, with What Cait Ate
July 23, 2019

Cait, better known as What Cait Ate is a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (NTP) helping clients take a natural, holistic approach to gut health. After battling anxiety, panic attacks, and digestive issues throughout her teens and into college,

Episode 45: How to balance work and anxiety, with Corey of Na Wahine Lole
July 15, 2019

Corey is the founder, owner, and one-woman show behind Na Wahine Lole, a completely handmade Hawaiian swimwear line. Corey founded her company after battling body dysmorphia throughout her entire life, hoping to create apparel that made women feel good...

Episode 44: Why No Business Struggle is Ever Worth Your Health, with Yoga By Candace
July 01, 2019

Candace Moore is a yoga teacher, YouTuber, author, and female boss leading people to live a well-balanced life. After a battle with Lyme disease left her bedridden, Candace made the deciding realization that she wasted much of her life worrying about t...

Episode 43: How a Former Pro Golfer and Olympic Developmental Athlete Lands in Hollywood, with Andia Winslow
June 10, 2019

Andia Winslow is an athlete, activist, and artist, with her workouts and words of inspiration featured across Forbes, CNN, The New York Times, and Bloomberg. In high school, Andia was one of the top-ranked junior golfers in the world,

Episode 42: How to launch a marketing agency for small businesses, with Elise Crawford Gallagher
June 03, 2019

Elise Crawford Gallagher is the CEO & founder of Ringlet Studio, a DC-based marketing and branding agency—one that is 100% female owned and employed. Elise launched Ringlet straight out of grad school, and has served DC-local and national brands includ...

Episode 41: Why I walked away from the fitness modeling industry with Danielle Pascente
May 28, 2019

Danielle Pascente is a personal trainer, wellness personality, and founder of The Kickass Training Guides. A well-rounded athlete her whole life, Danielle became a personal trainer straight out of college, coaching celebrities, CEOs,

Episode 40: Complacent is the one thing you should never be, with Hannah Rad
May 20, 2019

Hannah Rad is a content producer and on-air talent across TV, radio, and other mediums. She is the music and lifestyle host of the ESPN X Games and previously hosted shows and events for REVOLT, MTV, Red Bull, SiriusXM radio,

Episode 39: How to Start Thinking About Investing and Saving for Retirement as a Business Owner
May 06, 2019

Amanda Schneider is a financial advisor who launched her career working in commercial insurance before moving into the investments arena. Today, she is Series 7 and Series 66 licensed and holds three different insurance licenses.

Episode 38: Creating an Online Program For a New Kind of Exercise, with VenusFit
April 29, 2019

Venus Lau is the founder of Strength + Flow, an online flow workout program that connects the mind to body with intentional movement. She has a whole host of certifications, spanning across personal training, yoga, functional movements, TRX,

Episode 37: How Kara & Tara Try (and Sometimes Fail) to Maintain Work-Life Balance
April 22, 2019

This is another solo episode for Tara and Kara, where they unpack trying to maintain a balance between work and life. Both girls recently returned from travel (Tara getting off her return flight from Mexico just 15 hours before they recorded) and have ...