Projects – The A440 Podcast

Projects – The A440 Podcast

The Pusher (S3, E3)

March 04, 2021

The Music Pusher, that is! On today’s episode, I talk with my longtime friend Jim, who arguably had a bigger musical influence on me than anyone else, introducing me to the world of rock ‘n roll—and Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat!—when I was at an impressionable age.

Maybe you know someone who just can’t help sharing music. They’re always making playlists, fiddling with the stereo during parties, and, whether you know it or not, “setting the mood.”

Let’s peek inside the head of one of these types I’ve taken to calling “Music Influencers….”

Artists mentioned on today’s episode include:

Chet Baker
The Beatles
Zac Brown Band
Michael Buble
Jeffrey Foucault
Michael Jackson
Big Head Todd and the Monsters
Billy Joel
Mandolin Orange
Don McClean
Steve Miller Band
Bob Schneider
Martin Sexton
Simon & Garfunkel
Stephen Stills
Steve Winwood