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Coffee Talk from Honor Credit Union – Monday, August 10

August 10, 2020

It's not often that things shake, rattle and roll in North Carolina and Virginia. A rare magnitude 5.1 earthquake happened yesterday at around 8:07am. "It felt like a big locomotive going by and a big wave coming underneath the bed," Sparta, NC Mayor Wes Brinegar told CNN. "A big wave coming to lift you. ... I've lived here my whole life and have never felt anything like that." The Mayor told USA Today some foundations apparently cracked and books were knocked off shelves.

A new survey has found that 57% of respondents say wearing a mask has made them much more aware of their own bad breath. This, in turn, has led to a lot more teeth brushing, and likely some happier dentists.

You don’t really think of going to Vegas to work … but MGM Resorts is hoping to lure remote workers with their new "Viva Las Office" package. The package includes a room at the Bellagio or ARIA, perks like extended check-in and check-out hours, access to all of the hotels' amenities, and even your very own "executive assistant." Prices start at $100 a night for three, four, or five-night stays. (Insider)

So, first Amazon kills malls … and then they move into them? Seems Amazon is in talks with Simon Property Group, the biggest mall owner in the U.S., to turn empty Sears and JC Penny stores into Amazon fulfillment centers. (Market Watch) The nearest Simon mall to us is University Park Mall in Mishawaka.

According to a report from the Centers for Disease Control, four people have died this year from drinking hand sanitizer, while several others have experienced bad side effects like impaired vision and seizures.

The CDC reminds people that alcohol-based products are supposed to be used to protect you from germs -- and “should never be ingested.” (MarketWatch)