Latest Episodes

Mike and Jim Ring of Ringbrothers
September 21, 2022

Matt tells Goldberg about his recent visit to HRE Wheels. Next, Mike and Jim Ring of Ringbrothers join the show to talk about thir recent Charger and Mustang builds and to preview their upcoming SEMA

2022 Ford Lightning EV
September 16, 2022

Adam and Matt take a deep dive into Matt's new 2022 Ford Lightning EV. They talk about the new Ferrari Purosangue SUV and the Detroit Auto Show.

Ferrari Purosangue SUV
September 14, 2022

Matt and Goldberg talk about the unveiling of the Ferrari Purosangue SUV and Matt gives an update about his new 2022 Ford Lightning EV.

David Borla, VP of Sales & Marketing at Borla Performance Industries
September 09, 2022

Adam and Matt are joined by David Borla, the VP of Sales & Marketing at Borla Performance Industries. They talk to David about the process of designing and manufacturing of stainless steel performance

Dodge Charger Daytona SRT Banshee + Honda Civic Type R
September 07, 2022

Matt and Goldberg get into the Dodge Charger Daytona SRT Banshee, the Corvette Z06 order books being closed, and the reveal of the 2023 Honda Civic Type R specs.

Randy Nonnenberg, Co-Founder of Bring a Trailer
September 02, 2022

Adam and Matt get into more recaps from Monterey including the auctions as well as the Quail and Jet Center events. They then welcome Randy Nonnenberg, the founder of Bring a Trailer, to the show. 

Alistair Weaver, Editor-in-Chief of Edmunds
August 31, 2022

Matt and Goldberg welcome Alistair Weaver from Edmunds back to the show and the three get into the arrival of Alistair's Lucid and much more.

Interview with Gordon Murray, CEO of Gordon Murray Automotive
August 26, 2022

Adam and Matt sit down with Gordon Murray for an interview at the Quail event at Monterey Car Week. 

Monterey Recap and Roadkill Nights
August 24, 2022

Matt gives a recap of his experience at Monterey Car Week before he and Goldberg get into some of the announcements from Dodge at Roadkill Nights. 

BEST OF: Matt’s Mustang Mach 1 Order + Record Breaking E30 M5
August 19, 2022

Adam and Matt dive into the specifics of Matt’s brand new Mustang order and how Adam’s thoughts on Mustangs have evolved over the years. They talk about the record breaking E30 M5 and how it is never