Latest Episodes

Alistair Weaver from Edmunds + LA Auto Show Recap
November 23, 2022

Alistair Weaver from Edmunds joins Matt and Goldberg as they discuss what they saw at the LA Auto Show such as the Porsche Dakar and the Genesis.

David Fortin, LA Auto Show + Rimac Nevera
November 18, 2022

Adam and Matt talk to David Fortin from the upcoming Los Angeles Auto Show before getting into the Rimac Nevera setting the record for the fastest electric car.

Ford F-150 Raptor R + Black Panther Themed RX
November 16, 2022

Matt and Goldberg give an LA Auto Show preview and talk about a new "Black Panther" themed RX 500h F Sport SUV by Lexus and Adidas.

SEMA Recap + Auction Updates
November 11, 2022

Adam and Matt get into the cars from the Ringbrothers and Kevin Hart they saw at SEMA and give some auction updates.

The Ringbrothers, Mike and Jim Ring
November 09, 2022

Matt and Goldberg sit down the the infamous Ringbrothers, Jim and Mike Ring and talk to them about some of their SEMA debuts including their Chevy Super Truck and their K5Blazer.

SEMA Day 2
November 06, 2022

Adam and Matt chat about their experience at SEMA, commending the Ring brothers' latest debuts and a BRE-themed pickup truck. Next, Matt goes over what's new with Holley and Optima.

SEMA Day 1
November 04, 2022

Matt walks the floor for SEMA 2022, hearing the latest from Vintage Air, Aeromotive, and the Edelbrock Group.

2022 IndyCar Champion, Will Power
October 27, 2022

Adam and Matt sit down with 2022 IndyCar Champion and 2018 Indianapolis 500 champion, Will Power and share their impressions of the new Z car.

Aaron Hagar + Ford Bronco Raptor
October 26, 2022

This week, friend of the show, Aaron Hagar from Rat Runners Garage joins Matt to fill in for Goldberg. Theyget into the Ford Bronco Raptor and Ken Block's new Gymkhana video.

F1 Champion, Jenson Button
October 20, 2022

Adam and Matt give a recap on the Velocity event they attended before sitting down with the 2009 F1 Champion, Jenson Button.