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Disability Rights Advocate Emily Ladau Blows Our Minds Wide Open
May 11, 2022

When Emily Ladau appeared on Sesame Street at the age of ten, she probably didn’t realize that she was beginning a lifetime of advocacy for people living with disabilities. Emily is the author of Demy

Aaron Belkin is a Stone-Cold Communications Genius
April 05, 2022

We don’t bandy about terms like these, but Aaron Belkin is a stone-cold communications genius. He was a leader of the communications strategy that helped end the so-called “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” poli

Stupski Foundation‘s Glen Galaich Offers the Best Idea Yet for How Philanthropy Should Measure Success
December 14, 2021

Did you miss us? We missed you! Let’s Hear It has been on a brief hiatus but we’re thrilled to be back with what we think is a cracking great conversation with Glen Galaich, the CEO of the Stupski Fou

Jasmine Banks of UnKoch My Campus is Unafraid
October 19, 2021

Jasmine Banks is unafraid. As the Executive Director of UnKoch My Campus, she is fighting to preserve democracy and protect higher education from undue corporate donor influence. She and her colleague

Edgar Villanueva’s Quest to Decolonize Philanthropy
September 29, 2021

Edgar Villanueva is an author, activist, and expert on issues of race, wealth, and philanthropy. He is the Principal of the Decolonizing Wealth Project and Liberated Capital and author of the bestsell

If You Are Very Lucky, Rich Neimand Will Make You Some Soup
August 24, 2021

Rich Neimand has spent his long career using his considerable marketing chops to advance important social causes. His firm, Neimand Collaborative, has worked on a wide range of issues to improve educa

Rinku Sen of the Narrative Initiative Shows Us Why What We Say Matters
August 11, 2021

It’s not easy to describe a guest as dynamic as Rinku Sen, but we’ll give it a shot. Rinku is the executive director of Narrative Initiative, co-president of the Women’s March Board, and author of two

Living the Work: Precious Stroud of the BlackFemaleProject
July 21, 2021

Precious Stroud is a Let’s Hear It guest like no other. With a career that unites communication, higher education, and storytelling, she has created spaces where there weren’t spaces before and asked

Kris Putnam-Walkerly: News Flash – Philanthropy is Messed Up
June 30, 2021

Maybe working in philanthropy is like attending a large Thanksgiving family gathering. There are folks you dearly love, folks you put up with, and folks who need a bit of a talking to. Kris Putnam-Wal

Lowell Weiss Got Yelled at by the President and Other Tales of Derring-Do
June 09, 2021

Sometimes we need a little breath of fresh air during the workday. This week’s guest on Let’s Hear It might just do the trick. Lowell Weiss, President of Cascade Philanthropy Advisors, is probably one of the most genial guests we’ve had the pleasure of s.