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Blackout Podcast

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Asia - YouTube Personality
November 27, 2022

Asia Outten is a creative Youtuber and Youtube personality. She has generated 20,000+ views on her Youtube Channel Xoxo Love, Asia and loves creating binge-worthy Youtube content that is enjoyable to her viewers.While being a content creator comes with it

Keonté Beals - CEO KBeals Entertainment
November 13, 2022

Keont Beals is an accomplished singer/songwriter, musician (piano), producer, author and entrepreneur. Keont triumphs among the East Coast music scene as a multi-talented, award-winning R&B/Pop artist.Born and raised in North Preston, Keont started

Jennifer O'Neil - REALTOR® / Shelter Movers Volunteer Services Manager
October 31, 2022

 Jennifer was born in Montreal but raised in Halifax, Nova Scotia makes the East Coast where she calls home. With entrepreneurial parents, exposure to commercial and residential real estate at an early age meant that a career in Real Estate was

Kaytee Mullins - Entrepreneur/Owner of The Change Room
October 17, 2022

Kaytee Mullins is a young entrepreneur from Cape Breton, who moved to Halifax in 2016 for College but fell in love with the City and now calls it home. Before starting The Change Room, Kaytee completed programs in American Sign Language and Veterinar

Mukisa Kakembo - Legal Advocate / Entrepreneur
October 03, 2022

Mukisa is Ugandan Nova Scotian. She is a graduate of the Schulich School of Law, passionate about racial justice and womens empowerment.During her articling year, Mukisa gained a range of experience in prison law, personal injury law, and litigation. Sh

Tobi Martin Flemming - Director/Designer
September 19, 2022

Tobi has been in the arts for most of her life. She began as a competitive dancer in jazz, acrobatic arts and ballet and during this time fell in love with performance and choreography and the art of moving bodies around a stage in a way that created a vi

Nikki Martin - Writer/Yoga Teacher
September 12, 2022

Nikki Martin is a Novelist and full-time Yoga Teacher. She has released the first two novels in her Sci-fi/fantasy series Awake While Dreaming and loves crafting character-driven narratives that transport her readers to far off worlds and places. While be

Sehmat Suri - Media Strategist / Content Creator
September 05, 2022

Sehmat Suri is a media strategist, model, actor, and content creator in Halifax, who started her social media journey in 2017.Her move into the creative community has brought her a bunch of cool connections and tons of interesting work with Canadian and

Mukisa Kakembo & Irene Saliendra - Founders of Fem Entity
August 01, 2022

We are Mukisa and Irene - the Founders of Fem Entity.Two women who met at Dalhousie University, just starting their professional careers while working on campus for Student Leadership & Engagement. There was an instant connection between the Pieces/Ta

DJ SHENY - Canada Afrobeats DJ/Creative
July 18, 2022

Being in love with music his whole life, DJ Sheny is a versatile afrobeats disc jockey with years of experience in the entertainment industry. His passion for disc jockey initially started as a thing of leisure while in university, where he played at nume