Latest Episodes

Episode 59 – Local History Center at the Westerville Public Library
January 21, 2018

Beth Weinhardt has one of the best jobs in Columbus. She gets to manage the Westerville Local History Center located inside of the Westerville Public Library.  There, she curates the vast archive of information regarding the Anti-Saloon League,

Episode 58 – Mrs. Turbo’s Cookies
January 15, 2018

Holly makes a mean cookie, and wanted to share them with the world. We talked with her, at her store in Gahanna about how the shop came to be, some of the challenges she’s had, and with a special announcement about a new location opening soon! Also,

Episode 57 – Looking back at the first 12 shows
January 07, 2018

This week we look back at the first dozen or so shows, and pull out some of the best moments from them. Runtime: 31:03 Featured in this show: Lauren McCubbin (Episode 5) Anton Wilsbach (Episode 8) National Barber Museum and Hall of Fame (Episode 9) Wya...

Episode 56 – Columbus Axe Throwing
December 17, 2017

Our last show of the year! We crashed Marty Parker’s staff appreciation party to talk with him about axe throwing, escape rooms, color runs, bubble runs, tomato fights, and all the other events he runs through his various companies.  We are, in fact,

Episode 55 – Drake Brothers Meadery
December 10, 2017

This week we got out of the shed and downtown to visit with Oron Benary at Drake Brother’s Meadery.  We got to sample some really good mead, talk about the pitfalls of running a meadery, and Craig almost had his car towed.

Episode 54 – Buzzsaw Brewing Company
December 03, 2017

Carlos, Quinn, and Andrew stopped by the shed with some of their wonderful Belgian-style beers to talk to us about what it’s like starting up a brewery from scratch. Runtime: 42:44 Notes from the show On the Web GoFundMe Facebook

Episode 53 – Kindred Brewing
November 19, 2017

Eddie Miller is the taproom manager at Kindred Brewing, and our neighbor in Gahanna.  He came over to the shed to talk about why Kindred is different than the rest of the Columbus Craft scene, and where they are heading next.

Episode 52 – Lustmordia
November 06, 2017

“Lucy Mordum” stops by to talk about her new true crime podcast, focusing on some of the most interesting crimes to occur in history. Runtime: 40:48 Links: You can find Lustmordia here

Episode 51 – Breakfast with Nick
October 29, 2017

A decade ago, Nick went out to breakfast, and wrote down his thoughts.  10 years later, he’s been named Columbus top blogger by 614 magazine numerous times, and is our cities go to expert on the most important meal of the day.

Episode 50 – Charity Newsies
October 23, 2017

Tony from the Charity Newsies stopped by to tell us about the history of the group, and why they perform such a critical service for Franklin County school kids. Runtime: 39:10 You can find more about the Charity Newsies Here