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Albanese’s First Big Change 23/05/22
May 23, 2022

Albanese’s First Big Change 23/05/22 Anthony Albanese was sworn in as Prime Minister this morning and has already made one big change, Scott Morrison’s plans now that he’s lost the top job, Andrew O’Keefe, Belgium has become the first country in the world

Anthony Albanese Will Be Sworn In As Australia’s 31st Prime Minister 23/05/22
May 22, 2022

Anthony Albanese will be sworn in as Australia’s 31st Prime Minister today, speculation continues about who will be the new leader of the Liberal Party, North Korea has ignored an offer of COVID vaccines from the United States, Manchester City has won the

What's Coming Up Next Week?
May 20, 2022

More than 17,000 teachers and staff set to walk off the job next week, Wednesday marks the 2nd anniversary of George Floyd’s death, the French Open gets underway on Sunday night, and's Wenlei Ma with new shows and movies coming out next week.

‘Cancer-Riddled’ Putin Surrounded by Doctors 20/05/22
May 19, 2022

A former British spy has claimed that Vladimir Putin is suffering from cancer, the Australian Electoral Commission has backflipped, ALP internal polling predicts that Anthony Albanese will win tomorrow, Kyle Chalmers, Cody Simpson, Alan Fletcher, Johnny D

Rules Banning Some Covid-infected Aussies From Voting 20/05/22
May 19, 2022

Independent candidate Monique Ryan plans to take Federal Court action over rules banning some Covid-infected Aussies from voting, Kevin Rudd appeared on The Project last night and said he was confident Labor will win the election,The man charged with murd

Pauline Hanson has COVID 19/05/22
May 18, 2022

Pauline Hanson will be forced to sit out the last week of the campaign as she tested positive for COVID on Saturday, the young boy who was knocked over by Scott Morrison in a football game yesterday speaks out, NSW is one step closer to legalising euthana

Scott Morrison Knocks Child Over During Election Campaign Soccer Match 19/05/22
May 18, 2022

Embarrassing moment from the campaign trail yesterday where Scott Morrison bowled over a young boy during an under 8s soccer game in Tasmania, A former US National Security Council official has opened up about an odd dinner she had with Vladimir Putin, a

Albanese on Where He Would Live as PM 18/05/22
May 17, 2022

Anthony Albanese says he hasn’t yet decided where he’ll live if he becomes PM, the most prominent blockchains in danger of shedding a further 80 percent of its value, UFO wreckage, Anthony Mundine has put his hand up to return to the NRL, Tom Cruise, Jerr

PM Grilled By Tracy Grimshaw Last Night 18/05/22
May 17, 2022

 Prime Minister Scott Morrison was grilled by Tracy Grimshaw last night, It’s been revealed that the AFP has seized half a billion dollars worth of treasures from suspected criminals in the past three years,China Eastern plane crash from March that killed

Mystery Surrounding Tragic Death of Andrew Symonds 17/05/22
May 16, 2022

Questions around Andrew Symonds' last moments, after the former Aussie cricketer’s family revealed they don’t know why he was driving alone late at night. Labor’s Tanya Plibersek and the Liberal Party’s Jane Hume have clashed on live TV over a shock comme