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Your Sanctification
August 01, 2019

Join host James Watkins this week as he shares his most recent sermon on 1 Thessalonians 4:1-8. The text deals with fleeing from sexual immorality and sanctification and how we are to make practical application in our lives. -

The Heart of the Apostle
July 25, 2019

Join host James Watkins this week as he shares one of his recent sermons on 1 Thessalonians chapter 3. In the chapter the love that the Apostle Paul has for the church is clear. Do we as the body of Christ have this same love for the bride that has bee...

The Sting of Addiction with Shelby Watkins
July 18, 2019

Joining host James Watkins this week is his amazing wife, Shelby. Join us as we discuss our experience with loved ones battling addiction. How do we cope with it? How do we face these realties from a biblical perspective? - **We are not counselors.

Americanized Christianity with Paul Morris
July 12, 2019

Joining host James Watkins this week is Paul Morris. Join James and Paul as they discuss the cancer that is Americanized Christianity, Furthermore, James and Paul discuss a seminar they went to with special guest speaker, Conrad Mbewe,

Independence Day Update
July 05, 2019

Join James as he gives a quick update regarding the ministry! We have some awesome things coming, plus for the month of July we are donating 15% of all sales to CARM(Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry). To learn more or to order,

The Reality of Suicide/Depression in the Church
June 27, 2019

Give a listen to a sermon James delivered back in February to a large group of men on the topic of suicide/depression within the church and life of a Christian after their congregation had suffered two suicides. James also dives into his testimony.

The Bible Doesn’t Say That! with Daryl Updike
June 20, 2019

Joining host James Watkins this week is Daryl Updike of the What Are We Even Doing Here? podcast  to discuss theological misconceptions. Does the Bible really say not to judge or that God won't give us more than we can handle?

A Quick Announcement
June 14, 2019

Due to the recent passing of his grandmother, James provides a quick update on the recent launch of 5 Solas Ministries! Listen for a discount code for t-shirts and gospel tracts ONLY for podcast listeners! - Visit us online: www.5SolasMinistries.

A Theological Great: George Whitefield with Frank Mullis
June 06, 2019

Join host James Watkins this week is Pastor Frank Mullis. In this episode the two discuss some of the historical events in the life of the great George Whitefield. Some seriousness, some laughter, and of course the gospel ties this episode together!

Abortion is Murder
May 30, 2019

Join host James Watkins this week as he breaks down the social media response to the recent abortion bills that have passed. - Listen to other podcasts on the Christian Podcast Community: ChristianPodcastCommunity.org -