Beyond The Rim!

Beyond The Rim!

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Dudcast #23 - 294 Days!
February 15, 2023

294 Days! The Make It Rain Podcast co-hosts, D Train & Angelica, are here to talk about the release of Brittney Griner from detainment in Russia. Also, a brief NBA discussion. 0:00 Open 0:59 Last time on Dudcast 2:42 Political ploy 5:48

Dudcast #22 - Cedric Claus!
November 30, 2022

Cedric Claus! 'Tis the season & here comes Cedric Claus from South-Central South Pole! 0:00 Open2:40 Cedric Claus on After Hours w/TC Restani11:51 After Hours w/TC Restani13:47 Christmas Close Apple:      https

Dudcast #21 - Malden Overcoming Addiction pt.3 - Trilogy Conclusion!
October 22, 2022

Malden Overcoming Addiction pt.3 - Trilogy Conclusion! Malden Overcoming Addiction (MOA) President Paul Hammersley returns after four years to update us all about this non-profit organization. 0:00   Open 1:38    Peer-to-Peer

Dudcast #20 - Name It The Homeys!
July 29, 2022

Name It The Homeys! Retirement works well for Ron Cox, the former Executive Director of Malden Access Television/Urban Media Arts as he basks in the glory of MATV/UMA victory of winning the Hometown Media Award! 0:00 Open 0:58 Outstanding Media Ce

Dudcast #19 - Make It Rain!
June 26, 2022

Make It Rain! Talking WNBA w/D-Train & Angelica from The Make It Rain Podcast, who recently shifted their format from concentrating on the NBA to concentrating on the W.0:00 Open9:48 Top players & teams10:34 #Free Brittney Griner!13:4

Dudcast #18 - The Vacc of Life
September 11, 2021

The Vacc of Life! Are you vaccinated or are you not? How many times a day does this topic come up in conversation? Is this everyone's business or is this a private matter?   

Dudcast #17 - Stop Killing Black People!
May 16, 2021

Stop Killing Black People! A discussion about the George Floyd murder & Derek Chauvin trial followed by the Daunte Wright murder & the arrest of Kimberly Potter.Open (0:00)George Floyd/Derek Chauvin trial (1:27)Juror #52 Brandon Mitchell (6:00

Dudcast #16 - Black Captain America!
March 27, 2021

Black Captain America! Fighting for a country that will not fight for him, Isaiah Bradley becomes the ultimate sacrificial lamb during WWII! Alan Vickers, from New England Comics, here to have a conversation about the urban myth of the Marvel Universe!Ope

Dudcast #15 - Women's History Month Special
February 27, 2021

Women's History Month Special! Thirteen women & 8yrs o Mamas are featured in this compilation of acknowledgement & achievements of women from the live television production of Around The Rim recorded during Women's History Month from 2012 - 202

Dudcast #14 - Black History Month Special!
January 28, 2021

Black History Month Special! Twenty-nine individuals are featured in this compilation of African-American achievements & acknowledgement from the live television production of Around The Rim recorded during Black History Month from 2012 - 2020. Open