40/40 Vision

40/40 Vision

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Keeping It In The Family
December 15, 2015

For some 40-somethings, the future is about continuity, family and community. Listen to three generations discuss the how a legacy is made—and carried on. Hosted by Faith Salie.

The Transfer of Wisdom
November 30, 2015

A spirited roundtable discussion on aging and wisdom.  Our 40s are the time where the experiences we’ve had and the seeds we've planted culminate into the garden of our lives. Changes in technology and healthcare have allowed this...

Leaps and Pivots
October 26, 2015

Changing careers in our 40s comes with certain risks, but isn't without reward.  From a couple who swapped work and stay-at-home roles, to a lawyer who followed his dream into comedy, to a man who joined the military weeks before the age...

Perfect Timing
October 06, 2015

To have or have not? Listen to seven different perspectives on parenthood in your 40s. Hosted by Faith Salie.

40/40 Vision Promo
September 10, 2015

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