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3mG 008: Night Walk in Winter
December 13, 2015

A late evening in mid December. Snow had finished falling as I walked the almost empty streets. A few cars in the distance driving through the slush and ice. Cold, brisk. Anticipating a hot mug of coffee or cider! -

3-minute Getaways 007: Midnight at Temple Sanctu
November 10, 2015

Midnight in the temple gardens has always been a favorite place to spend my time. On this particular evening, a cool early autumn breeze blew down from the northern mountains as I sat in the center of the gardens.

3-minute Getaways 006: The Highlands
October 13, 2015

The wind blows crisp at the end of this cool autumn day as you wander aimlessly through the rolling Highland Hills. Ages ago, before the Great Peace, battles were fought on this terrain. Now, the barrows offer a meditative silence and tranquility that ...

3-minute Getaways 005: Stankowice
September 22, 2015

It was June. One weekend when sunshine alternated with rain. Mountains Mountains. The old stone house. Old wood-burning stove, water heater in the bathroom. That’s all. 3 minutes sealed in amber field recordings.

3-minute Getaways 004: The Anter’om
September 08, 2015

Energy swirls through the air as you move through the Anter’om – the center of Timegate. You feel as though your body has become a transparent wisp and your surroundings become more solid as you begin to fade into the time flow.

3-minute Getaways 003: SummerStorm
August 25, 2015

Thunder rumbles in the distance as the first drops of the SummerStorm caress the ground. As light traffic flows smoothly and resolutely down the neighboring streets, I watch the rain massage the hard ground in a constant rhythm that soothes my restless...

3-minute Getaways 002: West Maui Shores
August 11, 2015

5 a.m. Pre-dawn on the shores of Kāʻanapali, Maui. Two boats meander just off shore as I stand on the beach, taking in the sounds of the ocean and breathing the fresh untainted morning air. Frothy waves play at my feet.

3-minute Getaways 001: The Great Forest
July 28, 2015

PODCAST DEBUT! Soundscapes to relax your mind with 3-minute Getaways. In today’s episode, the solid clay of earth forms the path that you now walk, through the dominion of the Great Forest. Tree trunks rise high above you,