3 on the Tree

3 on the Tree

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Ep. 77 - It's Called Slab City, Pet Prairie Dog, Here's Jazz in Your Ears
August 13, 2019

A couple weeks ago, we got together in downtown Fenton and had a blast hanging out for a couple hours! This is a long one, but it was good to have the guys all together, for a change.   Intro/Outro - "Kirby" by Aesop Rock

Ep. 75 - Lubin' Your Thigh Gap, About to Die or Just High?, Door-to-Door Dildo Sales
June 17, 2019

We're back, ya puds! This week, we're joined by special guest Jesse to talk about knives, vacuums, berry juice, and all the other pyramid schemes we've failed at. The audio is a bit fuzzy because we had to record in an open room, but we'll be back to nor.

Ep. 74 - Peter from Phyre Forge Talks Blacksmithing, Horrible Car Dealerships
February 22, 2018

This week, our good pal and accomplished metal worker, Peter from Phyre Forge joins us to discuss our April trip to the Handbuilt Show in Austin, TX, where we'll be throwing Ian a pretty rad bachelor party weekend!   Intro/Outro - "Hopelessly Hopeless" b.

Ep. 73 - IUDs, Fromunda Cheese, and the Butthole Surgery Journal
January 12, 2018

This week, we're joined by special guest Sara, who is studying medicine. She shares stories about aaaaaall the disgusting things that happen in surgery, and gives us a running tally on the number of gonads she's seen (spoiler alert: it's a lot)!    Intro.

Ep. 72 - A Great Christmas, Let's Be Cat Farmers, Dinosaurs Would Totally Crap Down Your Chimney
January 01, 2018

Happy New Year, friends!    Intro/Outro - "Hopelessly Hopeless" by Evergreen Terrace

Ep. 71 - Ian the Day Gambler, Blake Shelton - the Carrot Top of Music, Ugly Male Celebrities
December 23, 2017

Happy holidays from the 3OT gang, and we hope you have an awesome New Year! Intro/Outro - "Hopelessly Hopeless" by Evergreen Terrace

Ep. 70 - Net Neutrality: Any Guesses?, Don't Kiss My Nub, The Gonad Garter
December 16, 2017

This episode is a step-by-step guide on how to make sexual advances towards a handsome amputee, among other things, that is...       Intro/Outro - "Hopelessly Hopeless" by Evergreen Terrace

Ep. 69 - Vegas/SEMA Recap, The Nuts You Meet At Comic Con, Hollywood is full of Molesters
November 20, 2017

We're back from the long awaited Vegas reunion, and man, it was a freakin blast! This week, we talk about the highs and lows of SEMA, Casey's strange encounters at Kansas City Comic Con, and we discuss the flood of sexual harassmant accusations pouring o.

Ep. 68 - Getting Bit By Dogs, Davis Tells a Long Story, How Do You Think You'll Die?
October 09, 2017

This week is full of stories about scary dogs, road rage, and dead hippos!    Intro/Outro - "Hopelessly Hopeless" by Evergreen Terrace

Ep 67 - Halloween in Vegas, International Prison Roulette, to Knee or Not to Knee
September 28, 2017

October is upon us, and that means we're only weeks away from the SEMA show in Vegas! We'll be documenting our adventures over facebook and instagram, so stay tuned. Scattered among the unrelated talking points, we also cover motorcycle wrecks, internati.