The BEN Show

The BEN Show

The Invisible Pipeline: How Oil Gets From Point A to Point B | Ep 8

April 23, 2024

Ever wondered how that gas gets to your pump, or that oil reaches the refinery? The answer lies in a hidden world beneath our feet — a complex network of pipelines. In this episode, we delve deep (well, not literally) to explore the different types of oil pipelines and the crucial role they play in our daily lives. We hope you enjoy, and make sure to tune into our other episodes to gain more insight to different things in the oil and gas industry. Bye Yall!

The BEN Show is proudly sponsored by Blue Energy Nation — bringing energy know-how to the next generation of Americans.

Hosts Kennedy Vital and Shia Brown are students at the International Business & Marketing Academy at William B. Travis High School in Richmond, Texas. Together they cover energy-related topics that impact every day life.

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