Stuff You Should Know

Stuff You Should Know

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SYSK Selects: How Gold Works
March 07, 2020

As of early 2013, only 161,00 metric tons of gold had been mined in the entire history of the world. Considering about 85 percent of it is recycled, decent chance your jewelry may once have been part of an Incan headdress or Mycenaean face mask. Dive in t

Mardi Gras! One month late
March 05, 2020

In true SYSK fashion, Josh and Chuck are late to the game. But never fear, they will still detail Mardi Gras in all its colorful glory.

Short Stuff: Exclamation Points!
March 04, 2020

We all use them! But did we always? NO!! Learn all about everyone's favorite punctuation mark today!

How Morphic Fields Work?
March 03, 2020

Biologist and science historian Rupert Sheldrake is known as a heretic of science, mostly for his deeply strange ideas about what connects all living things. But his pokes at science help keep the field from growing dogmatic and for that we salute him.

SYSK Selects: Your limb is torn off - now what?
February 29, 2020

Were you to be the unfortunate victim of a limb removal of any sort, you could take hope. Here in the 21st century, doctors have gotten pretty handy at reattaching arms and legs, replacing thumbs with toes, rebuilding breasts, all to great success thanks

Sammy Davis Jr: National Treasure
February 27, 2020

Today Josh and Chuck sit down and detail the complicated life of the late, great Sammy Davis Jr.

Short Stuff: Hawaiian Night Marchers
February 26, 2020

Get ready for some Hawaiian folklore, people. Today we discuss the Night Marchers.

What's the deal with indigo?
February 25, 2020

Indigo is a color with a rich past. Learn all about it today.

SYSK Selects: How Cult Deprogramming Works
February 22, 2020

The fear of cults in the 1970s drove Americans to look the other way on kidnappings, abuse and torture of cult members by deprogrammers – but did it even work? Find out in this classic episode.

Birthmarks: Probably Not the Mark of the Devil
February 20, 2020

It’s a pretty safe assumption that people have been born with birthmarks since humanity began, and between then and now we’ve come up with some wacky, even dangerous, explanations for them – even a few that survive still today.