Stuff You Should Know

Stuff You Should Know

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How Sweepstakes Work
September 22, 2020

Sweepstakes were invented as marketing tools to drum up interest for a product or sales. But winning them can be fun and as they’ve proliferated an entire subculture of people who enter hundreds of them a day. Enter the fascinating world of sweepstakes to

SYSK Selects: How White-collar Crime Works
September 19, 2020

White-collar crime often involves fraud and other nonviolent acts. For most people, the term "white-collar crime" conjures up images of CEOs conniving their way to fortune. But what is it, really? Listen in as Josh and Chuck break down the facts in this c

How Election Polling Works and Doesn't Work
September 17, 2020

Election polling had a pretty good rep until 2016. But it turns out they weren't far off even then. It's really the media driving the narrative. Learn all about how election polling works today.

Short Stuff: Black Cowboys
September 16, 2020

Most people don't realize that around a quarter of the cowboys found in the Old West during the golden age cattle driving were African American. Let's meet some of them, shall we?

Origami: Folding Goodness
September 15, 2020

Origami is an amazing art that consists of making folds in paper to create something beautiful. Learn all about it today.

SYSK Selects: How Porta-Potties Work
September 12, 2020

Despite our lengthy history of evacuating our bowels and bladders, it wasn’t until the relatively recent 1940s that we began to construct portable, self-contained toilets to accept our waste. Dive into the world of porta-potties in this classic episode.

Wetlands! Wetlands! Wetlands!
September 10, 2020

It’s time to get jazzed up for some Earth science of the waterlogged variety. Join Chuck and Josh as they tour some of the most interesting ecosystems on the planet and learn why we need to stop destroying them post haste.

Short Stuff: Streisand Effect
September 09, 2020

What does Barbra Streisand have to do with the internet? Listen and learn!

Frances Perkins: Influential and Unknown
September 08, 2020

Frances Perkins was an incredibly influential American yet is virtually unknown. What did she do? A lot! For instance, Social Security was her brainchild. And that's just the tip of the old iceberg.

SYSK Selects: How Police Chases Work
September 05, 2020

Entire TV shows are dedicated to them and Americans love to watch a live one, but police chases aren't as routine as they seem. While police assert chases are important tools, critics say cops engage in chases too often and too easily. Learn all about the