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Podcast 250 – My bottom looks like a chewed orange
August 03, 2019

It’s been a huge two months since the last podcast. What happened? Well, normally I record these podcasts whilst driving and, just recently I’ve had a distinct lack of car. Instead I’ve done the commute on my bike.

Podcast 249 – Don’t text and drive people!
June 06, 2019

Another new intro, a lot of talk about MOT’s, fishing, caravans and actual smartphone-related chatter too. It’s all here folks, and it’s part of Podcast 249. Recorded in the car, in this episode I also do a manly “pap” on the horn due to the driver in ...

Podcast 248 – They call him Flipper, Flipper, faster than lightning.
May 21, 2019

A two week break? What’s all that about then? Well my friends, we’ve had a lot of launches and there’s a lot to talk about. We’ve also got an all-new intro. Exciting stuff, and in this episode I seem to be staying mainly on-topic without too much chatt...

Podcast 247 – One day late, but still sounding great
May 08, 2019

It’s a long, long drive in a 50mph zone today, and I recorded the whole thing twice because the first time I’d forgotten to press record. Doah F1 Car tech. Truly bonkers. Xiaomi pricing. Our rather expansive reviews. Launches! Lots of launches!.

Podcast 246 – Who the hell parks like that?
April 30, 2019

I recorded this yesterday. Just yesterday. It’s our funtastical podcast – the one that walks that dangerous line between serious tech talk and how I once parked my Lexus underneath a Land Rover (no, really).

Podcast 245 – I bet you didn’t expect us…
April 23, 2019

Well, what a completely insane Easter weekend that was. We went to the countryside, I flew a drone, crashed it, then went to the beach and I also found time to mow the lawn, clean the bathroom and even clean out the car. My life is so rock and roll.

Coolsmartphone Podcast 244 – Battered chips and something very special.
April 16, 2019

I had a listen to last week’s podcast and, well, the audio quality suffered somewhat due to the rain on the windscreen. So, I had a bit of a think. This, then, is where the Coolsmartphone Mobile Podcast takes a massive leap forward this week,

Coolsmartphone Podcast 243 – Direct from my executive jet
April 09, 2019

Yes, I’m straight off the plane and into the car to record the podcast. Driving down the M6 in heavy rain definitely makes for an interesting sound in the background. The podcast audio sounds like a badly-tuned FM radio station. Gotta love it.

Coolsmartphone Podcast 242 – Late night special
April 02, 2019

Another week, another podcast, and yes – it’s still as regular as a Brexit Meaningful vote. This week it’s a 48 minute edition covering the story behind the Android bike computer, phone cases, the new Huawei P30 and my quest for a well-priced reconditi...

Coolsmartphone Podcast 241 – I need a Hero!
March 26, 2019

This week I broke my lengthy two-week tradition of recording the podcast in the car. Somehow I found myself with something called “free time”, so I’ve picked up on an earlier story about how the site started.