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ScareTastic Podcast EP12 – “Small Talk” with writer/producer/director Nicole Solomon
May 13, 2016

[powepress] On today’s podcast I invited return guest and filmmaker Nicole Solomon on to talk about her film “Small Talk” You can find her film on VOD May 13, 2016 and follower her in her upcoming projects!

ScareTastic Podcast EP11 – “Contracted” with Writer/Director Eric England
April 24, 2016

Here is another special treat for you! Listen in while I talk with writer/director/producer Eric England about his life, influences, career thus far and his movie #Contracted Follow him on Twitter and Instagram to check out his upcoming film #GetTheGir...

ScareTastic Podcast EP10 – “Cabin In The Woods” with Mark Crowell
April 22, 2016

Heyoo! My guest, Wicky Design owner Mark Crowell and I talk about the movie Cabin In The Woods. Mark and his wife Barbara designed my website, BrianneSlamin.Com and they are awesome! See below for their contact information!

ScareTastic Podcast EP9 – “The Witch” w BP Cooper
March 16, 2016

SPOILER ALERT! In this episode of ScareTastic my guest and I talk about the 2015 Horror, Mystery film written and directed by Robert Eggers “The Witch” (aka “The VVitch”) Joining me as my first return guest is the delightful, charming,

ScareTastic Podcast EP8 – “Death Proof & Green Inferno” w Kathi
January 28, 2016

This is what happens when you drink a bunch of wine with your dear friend who loves awesome thrillers as much as you… a mash up of inconsistent movie chat and a lot of laughs. My friend Kathi and I chose Death Proof and Green Inferno.

Scaretastic EP7 – “Scream” w Erman Baradi
January 28, 2016

  It’s the ScareTastic Podcast again with the ever so fabulous interviewer and manager of the stars, Mr. Erman Beradi. I had never talked to or met him until the day we recorded yet, I felt like I’ve known him forever. Enjoy this fun ep!

ScareTastic EP6 – “Parallels” w Writer/Director Christopher Leone
November 07, 2015

What’s a Crombie? A Crombie’s a Crombie! This week, I have the creator, writer and director of the movie (soon to be TV series) Parallels, Christopher Leone! If you have not watched it yet, do yourself a favor and do so on Netflix, iTunes,

ScareTastic EP5 – “Alien” w Demian
November 02, 2015

Join Demian and I while we chat about the classic movie ALIEN! @ScareTastic @SuperDemC @BSlamin BrianneSlamin.Com

ScareTastic EP4 – “One Way” w Jeff Lane
October 18, 2015

Check out my convo with author Jeff Lane, from Maine! (see what I did there?) His book “One Way” is on it’s way to becoming a movie. To spread the word, read his books, learn about and help support the film, visit the links below, thanks!

ScareTastic EP3 – “Time Lapse” w BP Cooper Part2
October 18, 2015

If you can hear this, it’s tomorrow. It’s Part 2 of my convo with BP Cooper writer/producer of Time Lapse. WARNING: CONTAINS SPOILERS Follow: @ScareTastic @BPCooper @TimeLapse_Movie FaceBook: Time Lapse the Movie BrianneSlamin.Com