Band Talk

Band Talk

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Band Talk Topic: Battles Of The Bands
March 29, 2017

We talk about pros and cons Battles of the Bands and what to consider before you enter one

Band Talk: Guest Chris Thomas, Topic: How to avoid irritating the Talent Buyer
March 15, 2017

Chris Thomas, who is a talent buyer at Herman's Hideaway in Denver, Talk to us about the mistakes he sees bands making when they try to book shows.

Band Talk: Topic breaking Up is Hard to Do
March 08, 2017

We talk about what can happen when a band breaks up.

Band Talk: Topic: Indie 104
March 08, 2017

We talk about indie104 and Mark Maverick's history in internet radio

Band Talk: Guest - Eric Kline, Topic - Maximizing Your Career
February 15, 2017

Eric Kline of Eric Kline Productions talk to us about using all forms of media to maximize your career.

Band Talk - Guest: Brice Hancock, Topic: Being a Sober Musician
February 08, 2017

Brice Hancock talks with us about how he became sober and how it has changed his life and music.

Band Talk: Gigging, Everything you need to know about playing gigs (except how to pay your axe)
January 25, 2017

we talk about David Barber's Book about Gigging and also a little bit about DIY venues.

Band Talk - Guest: Wendy Clark, Topic: Dealing with changing band lineups
December 14, 2016

Wendy Clark talks with us about how to handle changes in band members

Band Talk - Guest: Ryan Chrys, Topic: Touring
December 07, 2016

Ryan Chrys talks to us about his recent tours and what independent bands need to consider when booking tours.

Band Talk - Topic: Networking for Musicians
November 30, 2016

We talk about why Musicians should network and how to go about it.