Grapevine Church Podcast

Grapevine Church Podcast

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To Sin or Not to Sin?
May 06, 2022

Learning Latin and answering questions such as Could Jesus Sin? Can We Be Sin Free? and What do we mean by Original Sin?

Who Do You Think He Is?
April 13, 2022

Tracing Jesus' family tree through Mary, Joseph and Melchizedek.

What's Israel Got to Do With It?
March 24, 2022

In this episode Phil & Anji discuss questions like...Has God finished with Israel? Has the church replaced Israel?

Gog Magog and Russia
March 03, 2022

Is there a biblical perspective of Russia's invasion of Ukraine?

Questions! Questions! Part 1
February 24, 2022

First part of a series on questions. Questions you wished you asked and questions you never thought of but wish you had. This week...Who Am I? and Is Manna and Breast Milk the Same Thing?

What a Mystery
February 19, 2022

This "Christmas Song" is from the album From the Cupola. It captures a little of the mystery of God coming as a baby because He so loved the world....!

What A Mystery
December 23, 2020

From Dave & Lesley Newman's 2018 album  Songs From the Cupola

The Great Multitude in Revelation 7 - Part 12
March 08, 2020

Who is the Great Multitude? Where have they come from and what do they do? All these questions and more are answered!

The 144,000 in Revelation 7 - Part 11
March 01, 2020

A look into who the 144,000 are in Revelation Chapter 7.

Talk About Time
February 23, 2020

We need to be wise how we live. The Bible tells us to number our days rightly so we are encouraged to take time to spend time with God and let Him fill us.