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Episode 13 - All Things Spooky
March 02, 2016

What could be scarier than a failed tongue twister? Find out this week for our special Sweet Scoped the 13th with REZO guest kaeles. We talk about our first scary games, modern scary games and everything in between! We also touch on some of our...

Episode 14 - 1v1 me in Winnie the Pooh Bro; DO IT, FIGHT ME
February 09, 2016

Kats mom Dawn has finally come on, we wanted her to guest and we waited so long. Kats mom don't you see, you just can't call her Kathleen. We know it's not at all wrong but now she can say sorrie with her mom.

Episode 12 - Smite, The Division Beta, Bloodborne and More!
February 02, 2016

Why'd the chicken cross the road? To get to Lady's Basement.

Episode 11 - The Division Isn't About Math
January 18, 2016

We have another special (super specialiest of special), to talk about THE DIVISION! Fellow REZO member, and Tom Clancy's The Division Podcaster, Youtuber with a Tennessee drawl, Boomslangg! So, JoJo's mic was crackling, but don't worry,we had code...

Episode 10 - Art + Video Games =
January 12, 2016

We have a special Guest! Artist and Gamer: Ellie!! We talk art, video games, and sing waaaaay too much. Please email us and tell us never to sing again so we don't accidentally forget. lo3 glhf

Super Ultra Podcast Episode-Season 1 (Episode 9)
January 07, 2016

We have a special Guest! REZO member, Lvabl-Lickeryssa (she says it's easy to pronounce - Tinkkz says she's a liar). We may or may not know what we are talking aboot when we give our theories about Blizzard Activision Acquiring MLG. We may or may not...

Merry Christmas from Ninja Pancake
December 24, 2015

We have an awesome network of podcasts!If you are not familiar with them, you may hate this song.We like it.It's a gift, so just accept it. We love you!Merry Christmas!Love,GNA PodcastSweet Scopedand Warlock School

Episode 8 - Streaming (Just the) Tips, Rainbow 6 Siege, and Harvest Moon
December 15, 2015

  We have a Special guest this week! Halo playing, beard having, IPA Drinking, Animal Crossing lover, Pro Retweeter, Youtuber, Podcaster and Author of "The Strategy Guide to Full Time Streaming, N64Josh!  We talk about full time streaming,...

Episode 7 - Free Pie in a Bag
December 08, 2015


Episode 6 - Fallout, Syndicate, Black Ops, Oh My!
November 23, 2015

The one with the Giveaway!