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SJ33 – The Importance of Stepping Away
March 30, 2016

We’re back from our quasi-planned hiatus, and delving deep inside Jason’s mind as he plans an even bigger break to process existential issues, walk hundreds of miles, and eat lots of food. We also talk external validation and intrinsic motivation.

SJ32 – How to Break Into the World of Startups
March 05, 2016

Time to take it back to the beginning! In the latest episode of Startup Jab, we answer some questions on how to get started in the world of start-ups, from soup to nuts, and what you need to know about this quickly-evolving industry.

SJ31 – Tech and Entrepreneurship in Africa with Mannie T’Chawi and Jason Israel
February 25, 2016

We were honored to have two very special guests on Startup Jab this week: Mannie T’Chawi and Jason Israel joined us to talk about tech, entrepreneurship, and Africa. Mannie T’Chawi is the co-founder & CEO of LayerCake; a social enterprise that promotes...

SJ30 – The Business of Narrative Podcasting with Wolf 359
February 15, 2016

This week, we’re pleased to welcome Gabriel Urbina and Zach Valenti from Wolf 359, a podcast about the advantages of floating, tiny and alone, in the middle of nowhere. A drama in the tradition of the Golden Age of Radio,

SJ29 – Sex, Innovation, and Morality for Startups
February 10, 2016

We’re living on the edge today: Jason and Teague are recording from the same location at WeWork Wonder Bread Factory. Links and Highlights: Let’s get ready to DROOOOOOONE. Can drone racing become as big as eSports?

SJ28 – Aspire with Lily Cua and Marcy Humphrey
February 03, 2016

This week’s episode will introduce you to, software that helps companies make smart investments in their workplace perks so that they can recruit, engage and retain the best talent. Lily Cua, founder and COO of, and Marcy Humphrey,

SJ27 – We Survived Snowzilla!
January 27, 2016

In this week’s episode, we tackled some big problems for brand-new startups, including how to get the right team to be in your corner, and figuring out what’s the real MVP. After 27 episodes, it’s time to grow up a little bit.

SJ26 – The Healthy Uncomfortable and Scaling Your Startup
January 18, 2016

a.k.a. “We Promise It Won’t Be Boring” Don’t miss our latest round-up episode, answering your questions, expounding on your conversation starters, and delivering David Bowie tributes. We may also have snuck in some Alan Rickman references.

SJ25 – Bonus: The Future of Esports
January 16, 2016

For our favorite subscribers ONLY. (That’s you!) Check out our mini-episode (mepisode?) on a future renaissance for esports. And don’t forget to send us your comments and questions in the mailbag. Links and Highlights: Teague is officially the Droid to...

SJ24 – Online Dating with Erika Gayle Ettin from A Little Nudge
January 11, 2016

Erika Gayle Ettin, founder of the dating serviceA Little Nudge, joined usto jababout the challenges of starting her business, advice for fellow entrepreneurs, and the economics & challenges of onli