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“Social impact is love” : the people behind the mission
August 28, 2023

In the final episode of this 2022-2023 season of Critical Mass, the pod decided to highlight the host of the production: The UVU Center for Social Impact. Featuring interviews with some of the people

”Land should be sovereign” : youth climate action
April 05, 2023

This episode of Critical Mass podcast talks about the importance and history of climate activism, awareness, and appreciation through an Indiegnous lens of Land Stewardship. This episode features inte

”Documenting the history of a people” : unauthorized student journalism
March 01, 2023

This episode of Critical Mass podcast talks about the importance and history of community journalism through the lens of guerrilla student journalism. Featuring interviews from two major student led j

“People over everything” : student fights for housing justice & equity
February 01, 2023

This episode of Critical Mass podcast features interviews with the UC Santa Cruz Student Housing Coalition from California and a series of anonymous unsheltered students stories from here in Utah Vall

”Come find us” : Diné student stories
December 01, 2022

This episode of Critical Mass podcast highlights the efforts of local native activists from right here in Utah. Featuring interviews with four Diné individuals, both from here on campus and from the l

”Queerness is beautiful” : student responses to queerphobia in Utah Valley
November 09, 2022

This episode of Critical Mass podcast tracks queer student responses to anti-queer events and actions in Utah Valley. Featuring interviews with UVU and BYU students, and interviews from the nationwide

”You will have to work twice as hard as everyone else” : pláticas from UVU
October 05, 2022

This first episode after our rebrand from "Real Talk" to "Critical Mass" features four Latina/o/x student organizers from campus, in honor of Hispanic Heritage month, coming on to speak about their ex

The Experience of Veronica, a UVU Student From Ukraine
March 17, 2022

Veronica shares her love for the Ukrainian culture and her experience as she has watched the current crisis in her country. Listen to this episode to humanize the conflict and understand her first han

Correcting White Saviorism - Interview with Cassie Bingham
February 10, 2022

Want to know how you can make a better impact on those you are trying to serve? Cassie Bingham explains how taking ourselves out of the equation actually does more than being someone's hero or "savior

Understanding Latinidad
December 10, 2021

In this episode we highlight the diverse thinking with in the Latin community.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit