Pregnancy Podcast

Pregnancy Podcast

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Troubleshooting Common Breastfeeding Issues
August 13, 2023

Identify common breastfeeding issues and learn how to correct them so you and your baby can enjoy the benefits of breastfeeding.

Mastering the Basics of Breastfeeding
August 06, 2023

The basics you should know about breastfeeding and the knowledge and tools to make breastfeeding easier and more enjoyable.

Five Essential Questions to Navigate Procedures & Interventions
July 23, 2023

Questions you can apply to any decision during your prenatal care, choosing labor interventions, or making critical choices for your baby.

Navigate Your Prenatal Care with Confidence
July 16, 2023

What to expect throughout your care and at each appointment and many options to navigate your prenatal care confidently.

Ensuring Optimal Vitamin D Levels for You and Your Baby
July 09, 2023

The majority of expecting moms dont get enough vitamin D; this episode covers how to ensure optimal levels to support you and your baby.

Benefits of Water During Pregnancy (Pools, Hot Tubs, Baths, and Float Tanks)
July 02, 2023

The benefits and risks of enjoying the water during pregnancy including swimming, pools, hot tubs, baths, and float spas.

Labor Signs and the Start of Labor
June 25, 2023

Labor signs to look out for as you get closer to your due date, what to do in early labor, and when to contact your doctor or midwife.

Pregnancy Crash Course for Dads and Partners
June 18, 2023

Everything dads and partners need to know from finding out youwill be a parent through pregnancy, birth, and bringing your baby home.

Nutrition and the Evidence on Popular Diets During Pregnancy
June 11, 2023

The evidence on caloric restriction, low glycemic, keto, plant-based, carnivore, paleo, low fat, Louwen, and intermittent fasting.

Protecting Your Mental Health (Baby Blues and Postpartum Depression)
June 04, 2023

Identify symptoms of the baby blues and postpartum depression, how to get help, and what you can do to protect your mental health postpartum.