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2GuysTalkingHorror - TV & Movie Horror Review & Why You Love Them

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Cut The Crap Movie Review – IT Chapter 2
September 13, 2019

  A film adaptation of a book, especially one that’s over a thousand pages, is hard to pull off. Fans of the source material want to see the story unfold like it did when they were reading the book, but most of the time what they end up with is just a ...

Monster Magazines…Then & Now!
August 17, 2019

  Imagine, if you will, a world without the internet.  Where information on your favorite horror films and monsters was NOT right at your fingertips.  A time when seeing your favorite monster movies a second time proved more than difficult,

Lethal Listings: The Kids Are NOT Alright – 7 Horror Films That Did The Unthinkable
July 19, 2019

  Behind the scenes, there are a few rules filmmakers have to follow to appease the studio execs and censors. Some are as silly as the number of curse words used by a main character, while others are as arbitrary as how much side boob is considered nud...

Toying Around – A Look At Horror Toys And Collectibles
July 06, 2019

As children, after watching a horror film, our minds would race with the concept of “what if I was in the movie?” Closing ourselves off in our rooms to pretend we were playing hide and seek with a Gremlin. Racing back and forth across the yard,

Killing Oscar! How The Academy Snubs The Horror Genre
February 23, 2019

The Academy Awards. Oscar. The oldest and most respected Entertainment Award ceremony out there. Often referred to as “The Super Bowl of the Movie Industry”.  Some of the greatest films ever made have been recognized by Hollywood’s highest honor across...

Mary Shelly’s FRANKENSTEIN: A Celebration 200 Years In The Making!
October 28, 2018

It’s often credited as the first “monster” book. The granddaddy of all monsters.  A novel that dared to ask the questions of not only the moral implications of “playing God” but also what is the purpose of life?

Cut The Crap Movie Review – Halloween (2018)
October 25, 2018

In the age of reboots, remakes and reimaginings, a very crucial piece of storytelling is, most of the time, overlooked…Legacy. When writers and filmmakers ignore the legacy of the horror property they intend to “refresh”,

The Monster Squad (1987) Perspective Review
October 16, 2018

As children of the 80’s, our imaginations propelled us into great adventures. Fighting against a Galactic Empire in a galaxy far, far away? Yep. Learning to “Never Say Die” as we hunt for pirate treasure through booby trapped caves? Of course.

Talk About Terrifying – You Got Your Zombie In My Peanut Butter!
March 15, 2018

There’s something frightening about trends. One day, it’s just a random blip on your social media news feed. The next day, everyone is dumping buckets of ice water on themselves while they try on flesh colored leggings and chewing on packets of laundry...

Cut The Crap Movie Review – Harbinger Down
February 23, 2018

Everyone has an opinion. In the world of film, “critics” are tasked with giving us a well rounded look at the upcoming feature we may or may not be interested in seeing. Horror always seems to get the short end of the stick due to its basic nature of b...