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2 Girls 1 Pup Pupcast

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Ep. 47 - Kate Lambert
January 16, 2018

Writer, producer, creator and t.v. teacher on TV Land's Teachers, Kate Lambert blesses us with the presence of her new dog George Banks, tells us about her sweet cat (no seriously, it was very sweet), and gives us some dog training tips. 

Ep. 46 - Michael Kosta
January 09, 2018

Stand up comedian and The Daily Show correspondent, Michael Kosta tells us the dogs he sees...daily in The Daily Show offices, reveals a secret about a past 2 Girls 1 Pup Pupcast guest, and we all get so distracted by Michael's devastatingly cute dog, Wal

Ep. 45 - Melanie Maras
October 24, 2017

"Not A Girl, Not Yet A Dead Dog" Writer, comedian, and two-time MothStorySLAM winner, Melanie Maras brought her adorable (and near-death) Frenchie, Maddy along for a discussion about Melanie's roots and Maddy's toots. Plus we all crossed our...

Ep. 44 - Lisa Best
October 17, 2017

Writer, comedian and Chewy's mom, Lisa Best shares tales from when she worked at a veterinarian's office AND we learn so, so much about her winking dog. Meanwhile, Monique tricks Lisa into playing a game (Lisa HATES games) and she says hello to an...

Ep. 43 - Em Schulz and Christine Schiefer
August 15, 2017

And That's Why We Bark

Ep. 42 - Leah Mansfield
August 08, 2017

Stand up comedian and veteran Leah Mansfield talks about her obsession with her two dogs and what it's like to work in a bunker with nuclear launch codes. Yikes! Quite the tough lady for someone who loves dressing her pups in clothes Then when we Meet...

Ep. 41 - Eliot Glazer
July 25, 2017

Writer and comedian Eliot Glazer talks about his dog Atticus’ stalker as well as how his pup can see ghosts! Eliot has written for the shows Younger, New Girl, and Broad City AND runs his own live show called HAUNTING RENDITIONS. Also, Monique runs...

Ep. 40 - H. Alan Scott
July 18, 2017

Comedian and writer H. Alan Scott, known for Out on The Lanai: A Golden Girls Podcast, shares how a dog helped him through cancer treatment. But don't worry, it's  in a funny way. Also, Monique meets a dog in the neighborhood who's a...

Ep. 39 - Steve Greig
June 27, 2017

This week's wonderful guest is Steve Greig! You may have read his story on the internet last year, does "This Guy Just Can't Stop Adopting Senior Dogs and Farm Animals" ring a bell? That's right, Monique was able to have an incredible conversation...

Ep. 38 - Neel Nanda
June 20, 2017

Neel Nanda of Comedy Central, MTV, and IFC joins Monique Madrid in episode 38 of the PUPcast! Neel explains why he has no middle name, tells the sweet story of how he and his girlfriend acquired their shih-tzu Baxter, and gives advice to comics who...