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Unholy Matrimony: Polyamory Edition (A Flashback)
March 09, 2016

Relationships are tricky. But do you know what's even trickier? A committed relationship with more than two people. Today's Unholy Matrimony tracks the woes and pros in engaging in a polyamorist relationship! Disclaimer: The intro and outro were...

JUST THE TIP: Consent Edition
December 14, 2015

JUST THE TIP: Consent edition Lady Skollie presents a new bite sized segment called JUST THE TIP, because sometimes you don't need the whole thing, you just need the tip. This week on JUST THE TIP, Lady Skollie and Lumka Ngxoli discuss consent in...

World AIDS Day
December 01, 2015

This is a special week on Kiss & Tell with Laura Windvogel AKA Lady Skollie, focuses on World AIDS Day. She speaks to the executive director at the Wits Institute for Sexual and Reproductive Health and associate professor at the department of...

Slut Shaming
November 09, 2015

This week on Kiss & Tell with Lady Skollie, Laura and Asher discuss the idea of slut shaming, and the inequalities between men and women when it comes to this term. Amber Rose is discussed, and how she has been fighting to get rid of the stigma of...

Skollie Does Sexpo
October 13, 2015

Welcome to another episode of Kiss & Tell with Lady Skollie. This week - Skollie Does Sexpo Lady Skollie went to Sexpo in Johannesburg to have some fun at the event.  She spoke to some of the worlds top porn stars,...

Ashley R U MAD-ison
September 21, 2015

Welcome to the first episode of Kiss & Tell with Lady Skollie.