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Sevens Sins at Company XIV
March 07, 2020

Wesley and Robyne review Seven Sins running at Company XIV March 5-October 31. Please send any feedback or inquiries to theobstructedviewpodcast@gmail.com.

Oklahoma! on Broadway
February 21, 2020

Wesley and Robyne discuss Oklahoma! which closed on Broadway's Circle in the Square this January.

Episode 8 - Baghdaddy
May 30, 2017

A Review of the Musical Baghdaddy

Wesley Doucette on The Phoenix Theatre Ensemble’s “Entertaining Mr. Sloane”
May 11, 2017

Elise Stone and Matt BaguthPhoto Credit: Gerry Goodstein Bordered by stuffed garbage bags is the maintained if tired home of the middle ag

Special Episode - Hamilton, Brecht, and Performing History
July 10, 2016

Wesley's analysis of Hamilton and the act of performing history, through a Brechtian lens. Show notes and transcripts at www.obstructed-view.com. Find us on Facebook at  facebook.co

Episode 7 - Snow White
March 04, 2016

Wesley: Hi I’m Wesley.Robyne: And I’m Robyne.Wesley: And this is, Obstructed View.Robyne: And today we will be discussing Company XIV’s Snow White at the Minetta Lane Theatre.Wesley: Company XIV

Episode 6 - Hir
March 04, 2016

 Wesley: Hi, I’m Wesley.Robyne: And I’m Robyne.Wesley: And this is Obstructed View.Robyne: Today we’ll be discussing Hir at Playwright’s Horizons, written by Taylor Mac, and directed by Niegel Smith.Wesley: Hir follows Isaac, a dishonorably disch

Episode 5 - Nutcracker Rouge
December 11, 2015

Steven Trumon Gray and Laura Careless Robyne: Hi, I’m Robyne,Wesley: and I’m Wesley,Robyne: and this is,

Episode 4 - Dracula
November 02, 2015

Wesley: Hi, I’m Wesley.Robyne: and I’m Robyne.Wesley: and this is Obstructed View. Robyne: Today we’ll be discussing Dracula by Three Day Hangover. Dracula was presented at the McAlpine hall

Episode 3 - Cinderella
October 23, 2015

[We apologize for the sound quality of the episode. We had some mic issues which caused some problems in editing.] Robyne: Hi, I’m Robyne.Wesley: and I’m Wesley.Robyne: and this is Obstru