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TBA Episode 5: Vegetable Quiz!
June 30, 2016

We're back, we're back, my God, we're back! Join David and Peter for a S2 opener about vegetables...

TBA Podcast Episode 3: Unpopular and Wrong Opinions
December 20, 2015

In the last episode for a while, we harp on the things we don't like, while misunderstanding what...

TBA Podcast Episode 2: Netflix F*cks Us Over
November 01, 2015

Let's set the record straight: this episode has an error caused by one of us (David) being an idi...

TBA Podcast Episode 1: Prime British Dads Meet Kajagoogoo
October 03, 2015

In this episode, David has a cold, the audio quality is poor, and we get interrupted by Prime Bri...

TBA Podcast Pilot: SUPERHERK
September 06, 2015

In which we discuss Netflix's Between, reminisce on Community and Joel McHale's career, talk abou...