A Conversation on Life with Andrew Wood

A Conversation on Life with Andrew Wood

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Have We Lost Our Way?
July 21, 2023

This week Andrew discusses masculinity...or the lack thereof. He also looks at recent decisions by the Department of Defense to make abortion more accessible. Andrew ends today's show with a thought a

What is the Latest Marriage Data Telling Us?
July 12, 2023

This week Andrew discusses the Biden Administration's political maneuvering with Title X funding and pro-life states. He also looks at new data concerning marriage and the trend of putting it off unti

Dobbs...One Year Later
June 29, 2023

This week Andrew discusses the one year anniversary of the Dobbs' decision. What has this year meant to the pro-life movement? How are we to view this historic day? Andrew then looks at some new data

The Abortion Industry Makes a Pivot
June 21, 2023

This week Andrew looks at recent statements from abortion proponents that illustrate a pivot in their language. What does this mean? Why make this pivot now? Andrew also looks at recent data surroundi

Artificial Intelligence and a Detached Reality
June 13, 2023

This week Andrew discusses family formation and the importance of traditional values as we think about a Biblical worldview and policies that have an impact on those values. He also discusses a recent

Is Identity Being Erased?
June 06, 2023

This week Andrew discusses the identity crisis facing our culture. What is the motivation behind this? Are we intentionally erasing identity? Andrew then looks at recent ads and publications that are

Are Pro-Lifers Too Harsh?
May 23, 2023

This week Andrew discusses a political debate currently happening where politicians are arguing about how much pro-life is too much pro-life. He then discusses politics and the Church. How political s

We Must be Intentional
May 16, 2023

This week Andrew discusses manhood, the importance of legacy, and how we are to be intentional in our walk, in our homes, and in our faith. We should have a sense of urgency in these areas as the enem

Truth Matters
May 01, 2023

This week Andrew discusses numbers concerning botched abortions. He then looks at recent news concerning the Biden Administration's lawsuit involving Tennessee and a recent law banning gender surgerie

Clarity on the Life Position Matters, a Happiness Poll, and a Conversation on Parenting
April 25, 2023

This week Andrew takes a look at a recent political pundit discussion concerning the stance on life. Are we too pro-life for our own good? Is our pro-lifeness losing us elections? He also analyzes a r