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What's Next in Tablets - Surface Book Review
October 28, 2015

We talk about the Surface Book announcement and review the new unit, but we also get into what is the future of the tablet and what could ultimately displace it. As always, thanks for listening and leave a review if you think we did a good...

What's Next In TV? - Episode 10
October 22, 2015

In part 2 of my discussion with Michael, we answer the questions like, why do I need 4 remotes to operate my TV?  Why do I need 3 or more services to get all the content I want? When will it all change?  Also, we review the new Apple TV...

In Which We Accurately Predict the Future of Facebook - Episode 8
October 15, 2015

Listen as we accurately predict the product that leaked from Facebook today, the Facebook Notify app, and show how Facebook is the future of...

What's Next in Phones - Should You Buy the New iPhone?
October 06, 2015

Hey guys, we took the show on the road this week!  I was having a conversation with my friend Michael at the new iPhone and we decided to record it.  Michael works at the campus Apple Store and has the new phone and Apple TV, so we talk...

What's Next In Startups? (September 2015)
September 30, 2015

This week Anthony and Matt introduce a new monthly recurring format called "What's Next In Startups?" Anthony and Matt start with startup news and then followup with a startup spotlight to help shine some light on specific startups that are doing...

Startup Puberty, Startup Heresy
September 24, 2015

Matt and I really wade into the deep end of startups in this one, we go into some personal stories, sometimes horror stories, about startups, and for me it was painful but hopefully there are some lessons in here. As always, we try to provide you with...

Why is the Web So Slow? How to Create the Top App on iPhone Just By Taking a Udemy Course
September 22, 2015

Today we interview Dean Murphy, creator of the top app on the iOS app store, Crystal, a content blocker for iPhone.  We ask Dean to explain what content blocking is, why the web is so slow:  JavaScript and ads are causing the problem, and...

What's Coming Next in Tech? - Episode 4, Next Podcast
September 14, 2015

This week:  Matt and Anthony pick 5 things that are coming next to tech, or rather, SHOULD.  Let us know how you feel and leave us a review on iTunes please!   We made it to...

Will a California Court Put Uber Out of Business? - Next Podcast Episode 3
September 08, 2015

Show NotesUber Class Action status granted   Uber vs. Oconnor Facts   Definition...

Anthony's Apple Watch Review and Will Apple Car Fail?
September 02, 2015

After three months of use, Anthony gives what we think is the most surprising Apple Watch review, as well as a breakdown of the future of the car and where Apple fits.  Let the debate begin!