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Episode 12: Fail Faster and Innovate Quicker with Mark Roser
November 18, 2015

Mark Roser is the owner and founder of Open Innovators, a business consulting firm focused on improving the business results of life science, technology and engineering based organizations. Mark joined me for this episode of Thrive, and what a fantastic

Episode 11: Tom Baker on the Universal Principles of Business Growth
October 20, 2015

Today s episode is all about the lessons learned for a diverse career. Tom Baker, the founder and CEO of Catalyst Insurance Systems joined Thrive for a really great conversation about what he s learned from being and entrepreneur. Tom’s background in m

Episode 10: Berkins Blend Cafe Serves Up Success and Great Stories
October 12, 2015

I invited Doug Barber and Andrea Hawkins to our studio for a terrific conversation. Doug and Andrea are the owners of Berkins Blend Café which is a really unique local coffee shop. I was able to tear them away for a few minutes because when I heard the

Bonus Episode: The 3 Ingredients Shared by Great Entrepreneurs
October 08, 2015

My podcasting career has been brief. Although this is a fact, I ve learned some really interesting things over the past several months that are worth sharing. First, the name of my show on the TuneINConnecticut Podcast Network is Thrive! (You can subscri

Episode 08: Annie Bobbitt On How Being At A Crossroads In Your Career Can Help Fulfill a Dream
October 05, 2015

Annie is the co-owner of Maid Brigade of Northern Connecticut with her partner Dan Kehoe. After having spent 30 years in the corporate world, in 2012 she decided to take a leap of faith and seize the opportunity to own her own franchise in Northern CT.

Episode 07: Chris Walsh Describes His Caused Based Business And Shares His Lessons For Running a Successful Business
September 28, 2015

I m so happy to welcome our special guest today Chris Walsh. Chris is the Founder and Managing Partner of Vets-Cars. He is a US Air Force Veteran and has over 30 years in the Automotive Retail space. His current venture Vets Cars connects veterans with

Episode 06: Brian Walker Shares His Experience About How People, Relationship, and Leadership are Keys to Great Success in Business
September 21, 2015

I recently had the opportunity to sit down with Brian Walker in our studio for a terrific conversation. Brian is an expert that helps businesses large and small tackle the challenges we all face and business owners. Brian is the owner of Walker and Assoc

Episode 05: Tammy Ferris’ Startup, FounderShare Has It’s Roots In A Family History of Entrepreneurship
September 14, 2015

Tammy has loved small business ever since she watched her parents take a leap of faith and start a business when she was just a kid. Growing the business was a family affair she lived the highs and survived the lows. She also learned through the eyes

Episode 04: Alison Podworski and How Stepping Into The Fear Can Create Freedom and Opportunity
September 08, 2015

Alison Podworski is the owner of Alison May Public Relations, a boutique firm based in Massachusetts. As a former television news reporter and producer, Alison gives her clients that inside edge by knowing when, why and how to pitch to the media. She uses

Episode 03: How Business Ownership and Marketing Work Together with Kyle Reyes
August 30, 2015

Kyle Reyes joined the Thrive podcast recently. Kyle is the President and Creative Director of the The Silent Partner Marketing, a boutique marketing agency headquartered right here in Connecticut. Kyle is a former Producer of News and Special Projects ha