Connecting leaders, inspiring action

Connecting leaders, inspiring action

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What is a Service Visionary - The Judges Roundtable Discussion
August 07, 2023

Welcome to our podcast, 'What is a Service Visionary?'. In this engaging discussion, we're joined by four esteemed judges from the Service Visionary Award panel who generously share their insights and thoughts on what it means to be a &apos

State of the Nation: Cybersecurity in the UK Today
July 28, 2023

What are the key threats facing UK security leaders? Our panel of technology leaders have shed light on the current issues. Watch as industry experts, CISOs and security professionals identify the most pressing cyber threats and explore strategies to miti

Adopting Cloud Operating Model Principles
July 27, 2023

With organisations wanting increased agility, productivity and collaboration, how can cloud operating models help C-suite leaders and their teams?Many organisations now look to the cloud for greater business agility and improved user experience. At the sa

How Should IT Power Business Innovation?
July 26, 2023

Discover how IT leaders navigate the challenges of driving business innovation while balancing operational efficiency, cost reduction and security.IT leaders are expected to take a proactive role in supporting the organisation’s digitisation efforts by pr

Who is Responsible for Sustainability?
July 26, 2023

We have to be looking for better ways and making sure that the technology is as sustainable as possible. Discover more in this roundtable debate on sustainability.IT leaders are not waiting to be pushed to address new environmental concerns.Looking to

Partnering for a More Sustainable Future
July 26, 2023

Discover the various approaches technology leaders are taking to drive ESG initiatives and forge a path towards a more sustainable future in "Partnering for a More Sustainable Future".The technology C-suite holds great power and the prospect of

Why CIOs and CISOs Should Work Together More Closely
July 26, 2023

One of the most notable relationships in the C-suite today is that of the CIO and CISO. While the CIO was mainly responsible for implementing and managing an organisations IT function and infrastructure, the CISO was more focused on developing and implem

Simplifying IT for Better Experiences
July 26, 2023

This ease of simplicity requires fundamentally rethinking processes and how we are delivering.In todays increasingly complex and fragmented technology landscape, organisations must deliver experiences that are reliable, secure and seamless. To achieve

Driving Business Impact through Data-Empowered Experience
July 19, 2023

Technology leaders share thoughts on data-powered experiences, outlining emerging trends to drive maximum impact.This panel of technology leaders and experts discussed the importance of data-empowered experiences, explored how data can be used to enhance

2023 Priorities for the CISO Doing More With Less
March 30, 2023

We believe in the power of community Join 15,000+ global leaders in the fastest-growingC-suite community Through our global community, inspirational business leaders and industry experts share insights and expertise, build meaningful connections and set t