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The Stack Overflow Podcast

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Semantic search without the napalm grandma exploit
August 18, 2023

Ben and senior software engineer Kyle Mitofsky are joined by two people who worked on the launch of Overflow AI: director of data science and data platform Michael Foree and senior software developer

Want better answers from your data? Ask better questions
August 15, 2023

Tim Tutt, CEO and cofounder of Night Shift Development, tells the home team about his work in deploying large-scale search and discovery analytics, why hes working to help nontechnical users understa

Understanding SRE
August 08, 2023

Vladyslav Ukis, Head of R&D at Siemens Healthineers and an expert in site reliability engineering (SRE), joins Ben and Ryan to talk about the relationship between SRE and DevOps, balancing SRE princip

The fine line between product and engineering
August 04, 2023

Kathryn Murphy, SVP of Product and Design at Twilio, chats with Stack Overflow CTO Jody Bailey about walking the line between product design and engineering early in their careers, lessons learned at

How engineering teams at a large org can move at startup speed
August 02, 2023

SPONSORED BY SHELLOn this sponsored episode of the podcast, Ben talks with Amber Webb, Principal Engineer at Shell, and Naresh Kumar, Senior Principal Engineer at Shell, about their hyper automation

From startup to Google and back again
August 01, 2023

Ben and Cassidy talk with programmer and developer advocate Sean Falconer, Head of Developer Relations and Marketing at Skyflow, ex-Googler, and host of the podcasts Partially Redacted and Software En

Behind the scenes with the folks building OverflowAI
July 28, 2023

On todays episode we chat with Ellen Brandenberger, our Director of Product Innovation, and Jody Bailey, our CTO, about the big changes Stack Overflow put in place to create OverflowAI and the resear

How the Python team is adapting the language for an AI future
July 25, 2023

In part two of their conversation, Ben and Kyle chat with Python core developer and Steering Council member Pablo Galindo Salgado about balancing consistency and new features in language design, the i

What it's like to be on the Python Steering Council
July 21, 2023

Ben and senior software engineer Kyle Mitofsky talk with Pablo Galindo Salgado, a Python core developer and Python Steering Council member, about how he infiltrated software development from the world