8 Takeaways From the Super Bowl For Entrepreneurs

February 13, 2024

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In this conversation, Brett Ingram shares eight takeaways from the Super Bowl for entrepreneurs. He highlights the parallels between sports and business, emphasizing the importance of preparation, teamwork, adaptability, and seizing opportunities. He also discusses the role of luck and the need for versatility and level-headedness in achieving success. Ultimately, he reminds entrepreneurs to enjoy the journey and put themselves in the best position to succeed.


  • Success doesn't happen overnight; it requires hard work, consistency, and persistence.
  • Entrepreneurs can't achieve greatness on their own; they need the support and involvement of others.
  • Taking advantage of opportunities can be the difference between success and failure.
  • Adaptability is vital to long-term sustained success in both sports and business.
  • Luck plays a role in business, and entrepreneurs must focus on what they can control.
  • Versatility is a valuable trait in both sports and business, allowing for success in multiple situations.
  • Operating best when level-headed is crucial for making good decisions and avoiding mistakes.
  • Winners are remembered, and entrepreneurs should strive to put themselves in the best position to succeed.


00:00 Exciting Super Bowl Game

02:24 Success Doesn't Happen Overnight

05:13 Can't Achieve Greatness on Our Own

08:29 Taking Advantage of Opportunities

12:19 Adaptability is Vital to Success

15:00 Luck Plays a Role

17:23 Versatility is a Valuable Trait

19:15 Operating Best When Level-Headed

21:42 Winners are Remembered, Losers are Forgotten

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