Latest Episodes

293: Peace, Love, and WTF
August 12, 2022

The trio is back together to talk about this week’s mental health, tech conference hopes, music festival tragedies, and some great apps.

292: The Legend of Christina
July 29, 2022

Brett is traveling and Jeff has some questions about Christina’s journey from American Idol to GitHub.

291: Small P Prepper
July 22, 2022

Jeff is back and he has stories to tell. Lots of mental health in this one, plus tips for the savvy traveler.

290: Original Recipe
July 16, 2022

Jeff is traveling, so Overtired gets back to its roots with just Brett and Christina talking about mental health, conferences, Top Gun, and great apps.

289: ~/.love
June 17, 2022

Jeff’s driving this week, and he does a damn good job. Developer love languages, technology archaeology, and our host’s favorite apps for the week.

288: To Multiverse or Not
June 10, 2022

Victor Agreda Jr. joins the gang to talk about mental health, Star Trek, graphic novels, and some favorite apps.

287: Breton Geoff
June 03, 2022

Brett and Jeff take over for a week and discuss hiking, sharing one’s personal life, and the past and future of bookmarking.

286: The One With Patrick Rhone
May 27, 2022

Patrick Rhone joins the gang for a journey through mental health, a bit of TV, and some favorite apps that bring back a lot of memories.

285: On Botox and Fillers
May 20, 2022

In which the hosts discuss botox, mental health, hardware, and software. Notably absent is any discussion of Taylor Swift, pop culture, or porn habits.

284: Horny for Plain Text
May 13, 2022

Alex Cox joins the crew for their first 4-way. Mental Health discussions ensue, plus some apps you’ll love.